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Sunbelt Personal Firewall – Download Now

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall is a free firewall which is known for its commendable performance and easy to use interface. It allows easier and simple blocking of the application which tries to access the internet connection. In case any application tries to access the internet then it will offer prompt alerts on the screens whereby asking you to allow or deny the access as per the need of the hour.


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Like any other firewall program Sunbelt Personal Firewall is a program which helps in safeguarding the computer from other networks or computer systems. Sunbelt Personal Firewall is completely free in nature but home users access gets limited after 30 days of trial run. Thereon you will be required to buy the full edition version which will bring all the extra exciting features apart from the core features. After 30 days Sunbelt Personal Firewall will lose its teeth as it will stop providing the content filtering capabilities which includes the blocking of pop-up windows, cookies, ads and others. It will beneficial to opt for the full version after initial 30 days as it will make your computer more protected against unwanted threats in a more dignified manner.

Easy To Setup Firewall

Sunbelt Personal Firewall is known for its pretty straight forward setup and installation process. Users are required to choose Simple (No popup mode) to begin the firewall protection right from the word go. Advanced (Learning mode) option brings the possibility to block or allow various programs to access the internet through pop up. If a user wishes to bring maximum security to the computer system then going to the tab Instructions and clicking on the option ‘Enable Application Behavior Blocking’ will open up a list of options. Give a click on the button Advanced and simply switch all the options to the ‘use existing behavior blocking rules or ask me’ and it will do the job with distinction. User will require rebooting their computer system in order to firewall to begin working on its all.

Sunbelt Personal Firewall is known for offering extensive firewall protection to the computer system which can become bit nuisance for avid users. It will block you away from home network or office network computers completely. But Sunbelt offers a quick resolution to this problem by carefully offering a Trusted area feature. Giving a click on the tab Trusted area present in the Network Security will allow other computer system present in the network to access files or printers with ease and simplicity.

Issues or limitation found on Windows Platform

Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the widely used computer OS in the world. Sunbelt Personal Firewall gets plagued by notice alert in the Windows operating system as its driver has been signed by Microsoft. You can download the requisite drivers for Sunbelt Personal Firewall on Windows OS by giving a quick search in the search engines. It will help you in protecting your computer from unwanted threats and network system in a simple and efficient manner.

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