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Stick Cricket 2 for PC Windows & MAC

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If you live in a country that does not play cricket then believe us, you are missing out on a lot of fun! There’s no reason to worry though. If you have an Android smartphone / tablet, you can enjoy the wonders that cricket has to offer from the comfort of your home. Download Stick Cricket 2 today and find out for yourself as you will be playing it in a virtual world, the rules of the game will not be hard to learn and you will be reminded of them every time you strike out. That way, you can just start a new game and play again! The main objective of the game is to hit the ball. Stick Cricket 2 is a casual pick me up and play game. One thing you will have to be careful about is not hitting the stumps while you are at the batting plate. For cricket newbies, this may be a little difficult getting used to as the stumps are right behind you.

The interface of Stick Cricket 2 comprises of two buttons located to the left and right of your Android smartphone / tablet’s screen. The purpose of the buttons is to allow you to swing your bat and hit the ball that is headed right at you. The one thing that players have to keep in mind while they are batting is to get the timing right. Stick Cricket 2 has a lot of modes for you to play in. The missions / targets you might be assigned in the game may include hitting all sixes or not letting the ball go by without taking a swing at it. If you are more familiar with baseball, you will see that hitting a six is similar to the glory you get after a home run. The game play is simplistic and quite entertaining. After you accomplish the different tasks and missions that you are assigned, you will unlock new levels in the game. Along with unlocking new levels, players can also unlock new game equipment to play with.

As the name suggests, the game has characters that are shaped somewhat like stick figures. The developers have kept the interface and characters of the game minimalistic and focused on making it more fun. The fun elements they decided to improve were features of the game such as striking the ball and getting good scores. Stick Cricket 2 does get difficult as you keep moving forwards but you can also practice a lot and you will find that you are also getting better at playing the game. Even with its very plain and simplistic design the graphics of the game are very minimalistic yet appealing and cannot be, in any way, be considered bad. Stick Cricket 2 is totally free of cost to download from the Android Google Play Store. If you like trying new Android games and apps and are looking for a new adventure, you can give Stick Cricket 2 a shot and to top it off one can play this game on PC. Just download the android emulator which have already been made part of this guide, download the Stick Cricket 2 for PC apk and run it in the installed emulator. Its that simple so download Stick Cricket 2 today and enjoy the sensations of a new game!

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Download, Install and Play Stick Cricket 2 for PC Windows & PC MAC using this simple guide | Android Stick Cricket 2 on PC

Required Downloads

To play Stick Cricket 2 for PC one must have an emulator installed in it. The most used Android emulator for Windows and MAC are Andyroid & Bluestacks. Download them using below links

Bluestacks Guide    |   Bluestacks Installer Windows   |   Bluestacks Installer MAC

Andyroid Guide       |   Andyroid Installer Windows & MAC

Stick Cricket 2 APK


How To Install & Play Stick Cricket 2 on Computer | PC | Windows 7, 8, 10 | MAC

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks / Andyroid using above links on PC
  2. Install Bluestacks or Andyroid on your respective operating system.
  3. Now download Stick Cricket 2 APK and place it on PC.
  4. Now open the Stick Cricket 2 APK and select Bluestacks / Andyroid to run it
    1.  If selected by default, leave it the way it is
  5. It will be installed on the respective emulator and notify once done
  6. Open this notification, APK will start.
  7. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.

Alternatively one can open BlueStacks / Andyroid, Search & install Stick Cricket 2 using Google Play-store.

If you have any queries/suggestions or facing any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to comment in the box below. I will try my best to help you out. Thanks All!

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