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SKYPE – Full Setup Download

by boris

Skype is a hybrid video calling, instant messaging and voice chat application application founded in 2013, through which users can connect with each other from any global location having internet access. It is available across major Operating System such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Blackberry and Android. Users can share their daily experience with people that matters to them through laptop, mobile, desktop and tablet. Skype is derived from “sky peer to peer”, which got abbreviated to “Skyper” and finally Skype. The software was created by Estonian scientists and programmers and headquartered in Luxembourg.

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What Does Skype Offers?

Most of Skype’s features are based on its voice and video calling facility, instant messaging and file sharing. Let’s take a look among some of them.

  • Chatting using Instant Messenger

Skype allows users to start a chat session in private or in group. If the recipient user is offline, then that message gets saved in the Skype server and is delivered when the user comes online. The chat status and history is synchronized between all participants of Skype messaging and also their local devices. Users can start a group chat and invite other people to it.

It allows users to edit messages that have already been sent within a span of 1 hour. It also allows users to delete individual messages as well as clear chat history on the local device. To make it more fascinating, users can send 254 featured emoticons and also format text messages such as creating italicized text, bold text, strikethrough text, etc. Participants can share files in group chat or individual chat screens by dragging and dropping it over contact list. Users can also send SMS to mobile phones; however they can’t receive SMS messages.

  • Make and receive calls between Skype users as well as mobile phone and landline users

Users can call mobile phone and landline numbers using prepaid Skype credit subscription. They can also receive calls from land line and mobile numbers by purchasing Skype number. It allows users to dial international mobile or landline numbers in lieu of a connection fee as low as $0.06. However, Skype-to-Skype calls are free of any cost. It gives users the authorization to block anonymous users from viewing their Skype profile and calling them. Users can make conference calls through Skype and add or reject participants from it.

  • Video Calling

Skype 2.0 and later made an innovation in the internet world by allowing real time camera images from webcam to be accessed by the World Wide Web and deliver it to the recipients. Skype 5.8 and later allows users to do video calling on 1080p full high definition scale using supported high definition webcam. Users can share the video call screen with up to 10 users simultaneously, thus making group video call analogous with group chat.

  • Voice Mail

Skype allows users to send voicemail to recipients for free without any credit. It uses microphone to record and send voicemail to others.

With over 660 million registered users and 300 million monthly users, Skype has made wishing our friends and partners on their achievements or enquiring about their well being effortless. Download it now on your latest electronic device having a microphone and webcam to start doing free Skype to Skype voice and video call as well as instant messaging.

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