Color Zen for PC Windows & MAC

Color Zen for PC
Color Zen is a game that utilizes a minimalist approach in every aspect right down to the text less icons for all of your options. Having a striking abstract art style of geometric shapes, the main goal to achieve of each level is to connect objects of the same color to make the screen turn the color displayed in the background –... more →
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Buttons and Scissors for PC Windows & MAC

Buttons and Scissors for pc
If you take a look at the game, Buttons and Scissors might seem like the cutesy little puzzle game that you might get your Grandmother or child to play, but beneath the cute graphics surface lies something genuinely hard and challenging. In this game it sees you cutting off same colored buttons as they lie in a straight lines similar... more →
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94% for PC Windows & MAC

94 for PC
94% is a new release by the famous Android developer, SciMob. This arcade trivia game has been recommended by thousands of users on Google Plus and has over 5 million downloads thus far. The game requires you to be running an operating system of Android 2.3.3 or higher on your Android smartphone / tablet. Its latest version was updated... more →
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