Dot Wave for PC Windows & MAC

Dot Wave for PC
If you’re one amongst those people that needs a simple and free time killer here it’s the Dot Wave it’s extremely addictive or one may say really simple factor. It’s not simply too hard, it’s quiet not possible and that we feel tempted to place 3 bold exclamation marks here. Well if you’re good... more →
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Color Zen for PC Windows & MAC

Color Zen for PC
Color Zen is a game that utilizes a minimalist approach in every aspect right down to the text less icons for all of your options. Having a striking abstract art style of geometric shapes, the main goal to achieve of each level is to connect objects of the same color to make the screen turn the color displayed in the background –... more →
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Buttons and Scissors for PC Windows & MAC

Buttons and Scissors for pc
If you take a look at the game, Buttons and Scissors might seem like the cutesy little puzzle game that you might get your Grandmother or child to play, but beneath the cute graphics surface lies something genuinely hard and challenging. In this game it sees you cutting off same colored buttons as they lie in a straight lines similar... more →
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Battle Slimes for PC Windows & MAC

Battle Slimes for pc
A game whither players can take hold of a colored slime and defeat the opposite 3 slimes. The game supports each single and native multiplayer modes, thus it’s potential to possess some follow against the AI before taking up different human opponents. The game additionally options some terribly easy controls that permit the player... more →
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Jelly King for PC Windows & MAC

Jelly King for pc
Back when all of us had Bounce in our much cherished Nokia phones we were all under its tantalizing spell. Years later, a similar game has been introduced in today’s most popular mobile games market under the title Jelly King. The game play is almost identical to Bounce. In the game, you play as a jelly bean that has hopes of conquering... more →
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Hidden Object for PC Windows & MAC

Hidden Object for pc
Hidden Object developed by Team Lava puts you in the role of a detective where your goal is to solve crimes. The way you do this is by completing the hidden Object’ scenes. As the player, you will have to go through the lists of Object and interview the suspects. When you’ve done this, the next step is to send the proof you have... more →
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Amazing Brick for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Brick for pc
Puzzle games on your Android smartphone / tablet that will make you tap again and again on a brick passing through the obstacle on your Android device. You move your diamond brick in multiple directions by tapping multiple times and adjusting the position. You will need to make sure your diamond does not hit any walls because if... more →
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Agent Alice for PC Windows & MAC

Agent Alice for PC
Hidden objects games require you to find the mysteries that are taking place inside the game. This genre of gaming was once extremely popular but has seen a fall in its popularity. Due to the falling numbers in the titles that are launched each for that genre. But now you finally have a game on your Android smartphone / tablet that... more →
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Jelly Jump for PC Windows & MAC

Jelly Jump for pc
Jelly Jump is developed by Wildroad Games. It falls into the category of Android games that we call one touch games. These games, as the name implies, require the user to perform one tap actions to play the game. Wildroad Games has developed many such games and Jelly Jump just might be its best. The game is very fun to play and you... more →
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Inchy for PC Windows & MAC

Inchy for PC
Inchy is a cross platform game that is trending on the Android Google Play Store and has over 500,000 downloads as of yet. Inchy was developed by Apps for Life LLC. If you enjoy games with simple objectives and that test your agility then Inchy is the perfect game for you. As is the case with other games in its genre, this game... more →
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Ultraflow for PC Windows & MAC

ultraflow for pc
Ultraflow is a new release by a group of five students who work under the name, Ultrateam. This arcade puzzle game has been recommended by thousands of users on Google Plus and has over 500,000 downloads thus far. The game requires you to be running an operating system of Android 4.0 or higher on your Android smartphone / tablet.... more →
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Plumber Mole for PC Windows & MAC

Plumber Mole for PC
Plumber Mole is a new release by the developers, TerranDroid. This arcade sports game has been recommended by thousands of users on Google Plus and has over 1 million downloads thus far. The game requires you to be running an operating system of Android 2.1 or higher on your Android smartphone / tablet. Its latest version was updated... more →
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Farm Heroes Saga for PC Windows & MAC

farm hero saga for pc
The developers of Candy Crush Saga have done it once again. Farm Heroes Saga is the next Saga released by King Developers. Its game play is similar to that of Candy Crush. You have to swipe the crops to make matches on your adventure through the farm lands. On this mission, you will pair up with the other Farm Heroes and set forth... more →
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Candy Crush Saga for PC Windows & MAC

Candy Crush Saga for PC
Regardless of how old you are, you’re probably familiar with one of 2014’s most popular Android games – Candy Crush Saga, Developed by King Developers, is a cross-platform game and is another addition to King’s range of Saga games which also include Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. It has over one billion downloads as... more →
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