Download Brain Wars for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Brain Wars for PC Featured
Don’t you love games that are challenging and push your brain to it’s limits. Brain Wars fits quite well in that category of games and makes sure that your brain cells are adequately tested. There is always someone in college or your friends who loves to play checkers, chess and all the other classic games. However, Brain... more →
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Download Brain Dots for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Brain Dots for PC Featured
Sometime sitting home makes you bored to death. Lets talk about an interesting game of Android which is not only fun to play it is also good for you and it can excite a kids brain to its limit too, to be precise Brain Dots is a brain challenging game. The main objective of the game is to bump the two balls together and you are done... more →
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Download iSlash for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

iSlash for PC Featured
Your finger drifts over the edge of the screen as the ninja stars ricochet uncontrollably from one end to the other. You’ve got the chance to be snappy, those things all must be corralled and if even one escapes then it’s everywhere. Far more atrocious, a confounded cut and you’ll run directly into one of those... more →
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Download Fish Smasher for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Fish Smasher for PC Featured
I know Fish smasher sounds like a cruel name but it honestly is the most amazing puzzle game and is quite interesting to play. Even though the idea is just like most of the puzzle games you find yourself downloading every other day, in which you have to match the same objects to cancel them out from the puzzles but fish smasher has... more →
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Download Wonderball Heroes for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Wonderball Heroes for PC Featured
Wonderball Heroes for Android is an insane and one of a kind riddle diversion that is exceptionally reminiscent of the old school blaze recreations from my adolescence. It additionally helps that the amusement is based around the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderball. You’ll see well known countenances like the Cheshire feline,... more →
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Download AlphaBear for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

AlphaBear for PC Featured
AlphaBear had been developed by Alienforce which the name suggests, would focus on the great game of Chess. On the off chance that you are crazy for chess games, you will be exceptionally glad to discover that one can have the AlphaBear application for their Android device. AlphaBear brings exemplary chess game into another world... more →
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Cut The Rope 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Cut the Rope 2 for PC Featured
Cut the Rope 2 After the success of Cut the rope, Zeptolab has created Cut the Rope 2 which is much much more fascinating. It is due to the success of the previous versions that this title was bound to reach new heights of success. You can now play the candy crushing adventure again in a new and different more better way through... more →
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Amazing Wire for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Wire for PC Featured
Amazing Wire Well after playing Amazing Wire, I want to say that I wonder how the developers took simplistic nature of the game to such a level. Well it doesn’t means its not amazing as its name sounds even though its about a wire and hole. Talking about your main mission, its all about moving the wire , or you might say,... more →
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Hard for PC Windows & MAC

Hard for PC Featuerd
Hard People who are fan of difficult puzzle games, they might want to give a look at this lovely Android game, HARD. As the name suggests, its really hard to play but one might not consider it impossible or unrealistic like some games in today’s market but each level in this game is worth calling HARD. This game shakes your... more →
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Lazors for PC Windows & MAC

Lazors for PC Featured Image
Lazors It is very easy to start playing the game, as many players know, when the game is Lazors. When game starts the blocks will start out on any level placed randomly and only way to move them all you have to drag one to one of all the empty squares you will see on the screen. There are a number of scores called points on the... more →
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Bouncy Ball for PC Windows & MAC

Bouncy Ball for PC Featured
Bouncy Ball If you love creative games then you are going to love the Bouncy Ball, is the hit game on the android google play store with the vast amount of features it offers in terms of customizing options, where the developers have been kind enough to give the users an option to use the map editor up to their desires fill. If... more →
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Blendoku for PC Windows & MAC

Blendoku for PC Featured
Blendoku In Blendoku players need to arrange the hues between dark and light blue color, however in between there have been many awesome shades of brown, a yellow, and also few colors that looked similar like blue and purple within the middle of all you’ll see here could be a little vertical section and therefore the hues required... more →
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The Tower for PC Windows & MAC

The Tower for PC Featuerd
The Tower Android and tower games are as common place as bread for breakfast these days, its either destroying towers or building towers, or building your own towers and destroying everyone else!. This time a wise sage ordered man kind to build a large tower, why? To reach the gods of course! And then once again they were not able... more →
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Bouncy Ball 2.5D for PC Windows & MAC

Bouncy Ball 2.5D for PC
Bouncy Ball 2.5D If you were lucky enough to own a Nokia phone back in the day you probably came across one of the three built in games it had, Bounce, Brings back some old memories, doesn’t it? Bounce is a simple game that featured a super hero ball that was always out and about on an adventure. After the advent of the smartphone,... more →
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Follow the Line for PC Windows & MAC

Follow the Line for pc
Follow the Line Lets discuss a unique game “Follow the Line“where you, like a mere dot, moving forward in a black, into instantly changing tunnel without running itnto outside edges. When you start playing it you will notice the pace at which you are propelled is relatively fast from the start, and the tunnel relatively... more →
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Donkey Jump for PC Windows & MAC

Donkey Jump for PC
Donkey Jump Have you ever wonder why the hit game , Donkey Jump is famous among its fans as maybe “the hardest platform game there it is” and after playing it you will get the idea that it might be right. The style of the game is that you might say the difficulty comes not from challenging and tricky puzzles or from the very... more →
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Break the Bricks for Windows & MAC

Break the Bricks for pc
Break the Bricks one might say was one of the first most popular games to be featured on a mobile handset along with the likes of snake and pong brick breaker was a challenging game that hardly anyone could fully complete but it was a major hit because of its awesome game play. Break the Bricks is a basically copy of the Brick breaker... more →
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ZigZag for PC Windows & MAC

ZigZag for PC
ZigZag is a free of any charge game and it’s basic aim is that you have to move a small ball on a small course around the ZigZag structure setup of the board, which is not only hard but also fairly tricky and somewhat boring by trying again and again. If you want to move the ball you have to keep tapping the ball in the direction... more →
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Where’s My Water? 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Where's My Water? 2 for PC
Where’s My Water? 2 is the another game in simple words a game similar to Disney’s in style puzzle game within which you would like to bring water to swampy the crocodile so he will take a shower. In three words one might say this game is Good, awesome and clean fun. As we know original previous Where’s My Water?... more →
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Skyward for PC Windows & MAC

Skyward for PC
Skyward is one-touch button game, that is basically visually impressive, challenging, and worth a try to check it out. You may say its a copy of game Monument Valley’s art style but if you manage to get past that thought, you’re likely to find in Skyward kind of casual game that’s a monumental, not to forget to mention its... more →
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