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Pokémon Go for PC – Download Now

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Many people are aware of Pokémon. It is the ever prominent title of Nintendo — which requests that players travel an anecdotal world with a specific target to collaborate each animal out there. However, it is no more the 1990s. Therefore, Niantic Labs and Nintendo have dealt to offer people a chance to catch Pokémon in the extreme planet we are living in, using GPS technology, dorky-charming graphic representation and augmented reality. In case you have been living under a stone or been off the internet in the last few days, you might have skipped the official dispatch of Nintendo and Niantic’s as of now absurdly mainstream new amusement, Pokémon Go.


Pokemon Go

It holds the rudiments of Pokémon past games — getting Pokémon, doing combating at Pokemon Gyms, using things, advancing your Pokémon — with an insane turn: You can do everything in this live world.

Before you jump into the Pokémon Go, you will need to get a hang of how the diversion functions. That implies understanding the world, the mechanics, and way to get to your Items, Pokédex, and so on.


To get started with the game, you will have to utilize email account or sign up with a new account. The game stores all your data on server, so you will have to utilize one of these two strategies to connect your Pokémon information to your gadget. You will now need to tweak your advanced avatar followed by picking your gender, hair shading, eye shading, shirt, cap, shoes, jeans and the flair of your backpack. Try not to stress over it excessively: If you alter your opinion later, you can do a reversal and re-redo it.

Rudiments of Getting Started with Pokemon Go

Now you have entered into the fundamental zone of the diversion: The map of Pokémon Go. Fundamentally, the basic zone of the diversion is a superbly energized variant of Maps supported by Google. You are going to see streets, stirring grass, and neighborhood points of interest in the form of Pokémon Gyms and Pokéstops.

This was all about the Pokemon Go, and the game is a worth to try. It has already gained attention from a large number of population. Apart from official launch, many people are using the unofficial version in the cities which are yet to be chosen by Nintendo for an official launch. The game currently runs on Android and iOs, but you can run it on your computer as well. Here, in the next section you can find a tutorial of playing Pokemon Go for PC.

How Get Pokemon Go for PC?

What if you get to know that you can take the battle of Pokemon on your PC screens without much of stretch? Well yes, utilizing a bit of technical trick you can play Pokemon Go for PC. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is install a best emulator for PC.
  2. You can choose Bluestacks. Click on the below button to download and install.
  3. Now download the APK file of Pokemon Go from web or install the application from the Bluestack app.

You also need GPS Faker to fake your GPS location. However, do mind not overdoing it, as it can result in your account getting blocked!

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