BLACKJACK for PC Windows 7,8.1,10,XP & MAC

Certain android games have been developed to increase the intellectual level and is not only meant to be just a game. The best developers are those, who not only entertain players but also allow them to use their mind efficiently. BLACKJACK is the best example and lies in such category of games. Certain rules are to be followed while... more →
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Bingo Pop for PC Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP & MAC

Bingo Pop for PC
What is that you wish for when you are free, something relaxing and mind easing? Then here is your chance to have fun with the most easy and mind relaxing game called the Bingo Pop. It is card game that has been introduced to the Play store by and to the world by one of the top game developers called Uken Games.  The game developers... more →
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Bubble Shooter Birds for PC Windows & MAC

Bubble Shooter Birds for PC
Join an amazing game where the entire bubble bird’s crew with latest adventures is waiting for you. Marvelous features add beauty to this game where you can become a hero. You are surely going to love the game. This is one of the best looking bubble shooter games. The most adventurous part of the game is its levels as there are... more →
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League of Stickman for PC Windows & MAC

League of Stickman for PC
League of Stickman is a fantastic game with awesome battle strategies. Players are definitely going to experience thrilling and sensational features. In this game, deadly combos, levitation and the double-hits are extremely amazing features. Play this game and kill dangerous monsters with your amazing skills and prove your worth.... more →
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Tasty Tale the cooking game for PC Windows & MAC

Tasty Tale the cooking game for PC
Tasty Tale is puzzle game that is associate with food and cooking. The game is simple and easy and does not require any kind of strategy or planning to succeed in it. The game is simple and can be easily understood by the players. If you are interested in playing the game then all what you have to do is to make a mixture of colorful... more →
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How to Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2

Apps for PC using Bluestacks 2
With over 109 Million users and counting, BlueStacks has become a very popular Android emulator. After it’s inception in 2011, they have provided users with unlimited Android like experience on big screens. Just in case if you don’t know, Android Emulators such as BlueStacks, lets a user run amazing Android Apps on PC... more →
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Devil Eater for PC Windows & MAC

Devil Eater is an action that has taken away the hearts of majority of the action movies and game lovers. It is the production of LoadComplete team who has managed to provide a remarkable piece of creation. People who have given a try to Devil Eater do not find any other good enough. Some of the users have even described the game... more →
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THE GAME OF LIFE is a game developed by Electronic Arts Inc for people to spend their time in a fun and innovative way. It has elements from all the different games combined together to have a hundred percent fun while the boarding features of Adele games are left out. THE GAME OF LIFE involves three characters, no more waiting... more →
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Splendor for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP / MAC

Splendor for PC
Splendor is an official game release of the classical and one of the oldest board games with the same name Splendor. It was one of the best selling board games of its times. Although the game of Splendor is really simple but it still requires the players to enlighten their skills if strategy and practice tactics in order to succeed... more →
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Hitman Sniper for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP / Mac

Hitman Sniper for PC
Hitman Sniper is another great action hit which has been developed by SQUARE ENIX Ltd. The game is addictive as the people who have had their tries with the game are of the opinion that one just cannot stop playing it. There is a character in the game who is an agent with the name tag Agent 47. The player has to adopt and take on... more →
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Prune for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

Prune for PC
Prune is one of the most different and extraordinary creations of Joel McDonald. It is a puzzle game that requires the element of creativity in the player in order to fully enjoy and have fun playing it. The players of the game has rated it high and according to them Prune is totally unlike anything they have played and experienced... more →
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Vector for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

Vector for PC
Vector is an arcade game which has been created by the most creative and astounding team of NEKKI. The game is imaginative but really keeps the player immersed into the game play for hours long. All the effort done by the team of NEKKI has been able to serve its purpose well. The game play of Vector is really simple as it requires... more →
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Casino Frenzy Free Slots for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

Casino Frenzy Free Slots for PC
Rushmo America, Inc. has come with yet another great creation called the Casino Frenzy Free Slots. It is a casino based game developed for those who enjoy the casino activities but cannot find time in their busy schedules to visit and enjoy a casino.Casino Frenzy Free Slots is providing a special offer to its users. The game is offering... more →
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Farming Simulator 16 for PC Windows & MAC

Farming Simulator 16 for PC
A simulation game, where one can control most aspects of farming has been developed by GIANTS Software. It is an adventure plus fun game that has managed to win the votes of quite a number of people out there. The game is simple yet interesting as the player has to manage his own farm in the fields. The player has to put all his... more →
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Clash of Kings for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

Clash of Kings for PC
Clash of Kings is a war based game where the players compete with another in order to take control over the seven massive kingdoms. Clash of Kings gives you a true picture of how wars were fought in the past and how kingdoms were taken over through might and wit. The game is really interesting and has been made available for all... more →
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The Dark Knight Rises for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

The Dark Knight Rises for PC
The Dark Knight Rises is one of the hits by the team of Gameloft. It is an action war based game that includes the rise of dark knight that fights for right and fights in the modern way of battling and war. The game play of The Dark Knight Rises is simple and easy. The game is basically inspired the trilogy of Batman and an English... more →
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Galaxy Legend for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or MAC

Galaxy Legend for PC
Galaxy Legend is an action oriented game which involves lots of fun and lots strategy. It is a role playing game which is developed by tap4fun. When a user downloads the game initially he is awarded with a free beginner package of almost a hundred dollars by the reward center of the game Galaxy Legend. The player in the beginning... more →
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Deep Dungeons of Doom for PC Windows & MAC

Deep Dungeons of Doom for PC
A beautiful and exciting game with realistic animation had been launched by Bossa Studios Ltd. This game is surely going to win your heart. Keeping in mind this thing that game requires bravery and courageous attitude, so you should stay brave and strong throughout the game. In order to make player strong this game work on the principle... more →
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DragonSoul for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

DragonSoul for PC
DragonSoul is an android smart phone application that has been developed for providing endless entertainment to all the users of android and tablet devices. The basic objective of the game is to take down all the enemies with a brave heart and strong will. DragonSoul is a fantasy game that gives its players real amusement when the... more →
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Dulp for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac

Dulp for PC
In the game Dulp the player needs to tap the finger on the mobile screen over the ball at the colored ring that matches the on the rotating ring in order to get it destroyed. The player has to make sure that each level gets cleared in the simplest by tapping on the ball and destroying the ring. It is one of the simplest of all the... more →
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