Christmas Puss in Boots Full for PC Windows & MAC

Christmas Puss in Boots Full for PC
A good game is the one which does not require you to pay and subscribe for it. Christmas Puss In Boots is the similar game which requires nothing but just one tap on the screen to start playing. The story line is really interesting as you have surprisingly adopted a kitten or a baby cat on the evening of Christmas. The kitten had... more →
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Yahtzee With Buddies for PC Windows & MAC

Yahtzee With Buddies for PC
The game play of Yahtzee with Buddies is simple in a sense that it requires only two steps shake and score. It is a classical dice game which is impossible to get your hands off. The game can be enjoyed with all your friends whether on face book twitter or any other social media. You can easily have fun with your friends in playing... more →
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MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC Windows & MAC

MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC
MARVEL Contest of Champions holds numerous challenges for the players. Although the game is not new but it is still being played and enjoyed by all the super crazy fans of action games residing around the world. There are many features that have been added new to the game. In Marvel Contest of Champions five new and improved champions... more →
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Dungeon Hunter 5 for PC Windows & MAC

Dungeon Hunter 5 for PC
Dungeon Hunter 5 is simple but challenging. The series of a dungeon hunter has returned to entertain all of its fans and ahs returned with a roar of a new dragon. The game consists of an intense hack and slash that takes you deep down into the world of fantasy and fiction. Once you have stopped the invasion in the Kingdom called... more →
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Dude Perfect 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Dude Perfect 2 for PC
Dude Perfect 2 has a wide range of crazy and exciting levels that keeps the player well entertained and well immersed in the game. The player has to face numerous challenges in Dude Perfect 2 like jumping on trampolines, floating on the parachutes, breaking glass, and blowing up stuff. The game is so good in animation and high definition... more →
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Archery Master 3D for PC Windows & MAC

Archery Master 3D for PC
Am sure you must have never experienced the game Archery on your mobile phones before the advent of Archery Master and this is the reason the game has become a great hit of the year. It got launched in nearly the end of 2015 has picked up attention quite rapidly. So come on and master the art of archery in one of the most realistic... more →
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Piano Tiles 2 for PC Windows & MAC (Don’t Tap…2)

Piano Tiles 2 for PC
Piano Tiles 2(Don’t Tap…2) is an arcade game which has picked up the attention of many since it has been evolved. It is actually the second part of the Piano Tiles which is an old android application. Piano Tiles originally gained a lot of appreciation from the users and it has managed to earn up a huge fan club. This... more →
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Minions Paradise for PC Windows & MAC

Minions Paradise for PC
Minion Paradise is here to entertain, all one has to do is to accompany the Minions to their vacations. You are going to have a lot of fun with the crazy minions and their friends. There are many minions but one the crazy ones named Phil accidentally sinks the entire cruise ship into the sea. The cruise was supposed to support the... more →
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Dead Effect 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Dead Effect 2 gives you creeps on a very serious note. The game has taken the experience to a new level. The players of the game have been highly amused by the intensity of the game. The player needs to learn about the story line of the game in order to give the game a good start. In Dead Effect 2 the player has to train his warriors... more →
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Wipeout 2 for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Wipeout 2 for PC
Wipeout 2 consists of thrill, excitement and many other features that attract the players and crazy gamers towards the game. The game play of Wipeout 2 is really interesting as it holds the huge amount of features that are in the best interest of the player. Wipeout 2 is an award winning mobile game and proves its worth quite right.... more →
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Dungeon Link for PC Windows & MAC

Dungeon Link is simple and requires a bit of focus by the player. In the game the player has to go through a quest in order to defeat the Demon King. The world of Kanterbury has to be discovered and looked upon quite carefully by the player. As soon as the journey of the quest begins the player needs to recruit and form his team... more →
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Lifeline for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Lifeline for PC
Do you have the courage to survive all the odds and evens? If Yes then test your skills in the newly launched application called Life line. Taylor is a character in the game that requires your help in making decisions regarding his life and his death. Whatever decisions you and Taylor make the consequences will be faced by both of... more →
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Blade Waltz for PC Windows & MAC

Blade Waltz for PC
Blade Waltz is a simple game and requires the players to be fully involved in the game in order to have a good time in playing it. It is an action role playing game which a combination of beautiful graphics and outstanding animation. Come on and get over the up grading of only a single character at a time. With the super new application... more →
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White Tiles 4 : Piano Master for PC Windows & MAC

White Tiles 4 - Piano Master for PC
Though the name might seem complicated but this is a very simple game to play. It has a total of five instruments that includes Piano, Guitar, Classic, Drum and Dubset. The colors of tiles vary and the application provides hundred different colors to the users of White Tiles 4. As using the application is really simple and easily... more →
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Table Tennis Touch for PC Windows & MAC

Table Tennis Touch for PC
Yakuto has come with a great new creation for all the sports lovers and particularly those who are interested in playing table tennis and are passionate about the game. Am sure you must have never experienced playing table tennis on your mobile phones but now with the ease of smart phones the Table Tennis Touch will surely be able... more →
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Shooty Skies for PC Windows 7,8,10 & MAC

Shooty Skies for PC
Shooty Skies is simple yet very interesting. Another magnificent creation of Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd was the Crossy Road which had been a hit in the Google play store. The basic objective of the game Shooty Skies is to dodge, duck, goose, weave and shoot. You have to take it to the skies. Obviously pandas are adorable so what... more →
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March of Empires for PC Windows & MAC

March of Empires for PC
The game play of March of Empires is strategic and challenging. In the game the player has to give his best in order to ascend and get himself to the throne in order to win over the rule of the lands. The player needs to fight for the acquisition of the title for him that is the Highland King and the great Desert Sultan. The game... more →
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Subterfuge for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

The game Subterfuge is slightly different from all the other applications present in the Google Play Store. It is a multiplayer game which can be enjoyed online and in offline mode as well. In the game strategy and diplomacy two elements are badly needed. The players of the game are needed to gather some form of intelligence than... more →
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Survivalcraft for PC Windows & MAC

Survivalcraft for PC
Survivalcraft is an amazing creation of Candy Rufus Games. It is an action oriented game that has been designed for all the action lovers. People who have their deepest interests in action movies will surely fall in love with the game Survivalcraft. The game-play of Survivalcraft is simple to understand. The player of the game is... more →
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Battle Bros – Tower Defense for PC Windows & MAC

Battle Bros - Tower Defense for PC
As evident from the name, game play of Battle Bros consists of battling against the large number of minions in order to defend your tower. The game gives you the option of enjoying multiplayer so you and your friends can have the real feeling of action together. There is a wicked and strong corporation of Evil minions that try to... more →
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