Download Geometry Dash Lite for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Geometry Dash Lite for PC Featured
Geometry Dash Lite is an iPhone and iPad game that has you make a character to bounce over geometric dangers. Your character slides along and you should simply hop – at the careful opportune time. Geometry Dash Lite is a hopping game where you must bounce your tweaked character over the geometric risks. You can at first browse... more →
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Download Dodo Pop for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Dodo Pop for PC Featured
There are many riddle levels to handle, each with a predetermined number of moves and objectives to reach. In the wake of taking the Windows Phone adaptation of Dodo Pop out for a test commute, we discovered the game to have decent looking illustrations, testing game play and a fun approach to hang loose. Dodo Pop hops directly into... more →
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Super Adventurer for PC Windows & MAC

Super Adventurer for PC Featured
Super Adventurer Is there much else delightful and cute than a kid and his tiger? Indeed, what about a kid and his giraffe? A pet was in there as well, however the desirous Mr: B has stone-napped him, so now the responsibility lies upon you and your trusty reticulated steed to get him back. Super Adventurer is an adventurous game... more →
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The Tower for PC Windows & MAC

The Tower for PC Featuerd
The Tower Android and tower games are as common place as bread for breakfast these days, its either destroying towers or building towers, or building your own towers and destroying everyone else!. This time a wise sage ordered man kind to build a large tower, why? To reach the gods of course! And then once again they were not able... more →
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Bouncy Bit for PC Windows & MAC

Bouncy Bit Appsforpc Featured
Bouncy Bit A re make of the all time famous Nokia game Bounce, Bouncy Bit is a s simple as it gets when it comes to games regarding the android smart phones and tablets and if you ever had the experience of playing the game bounce then you will be able to relate to the familiar aspects of this game in it. When the ball drops you... more →
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Follow the Line for PC Windows & MAC

Follow the Line for pc
Follow the Line Lets discuss a unique game “Follow the Line“where you, like a mere dot, moving forward in a black, into instantly changing tunnel without running itnto outside edges. When you start playing it you will notice the pace at which you are propelled is relatively fast from the start, and the tunnel relatively... more →
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Skyward for PC Windows & MAC

Skyward for PC
Skyward is one-touch button game, that is basically visually impressive, challenging, and worth a try to check it out. You may say its a copy of game Monument Valley’s art style but if you manage to get past that thought, you’re likely to find in Skyward kind of casual game that’s a monumental, not to forget to mention its... more →
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Dot Wave for PC Windows & MAC

Dot Wave for PC
If you’re one amongst those people that needs a simple and free time killer here it’s the Dot Wave it’s extremely addictive or one may say really simple factor. It’s not simply too hard, it’s quiet not possible and that we feel tempted to place 3 bold exclamation marks here. Well if you’re good... more →
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CSI Hidden Crimes for PC Windows & MAC

CSI Hidden Crimes for pc
‘Hidden objects’ genre is still quite rare on the Google android play store with not a lot of titles under its belt that we can name. CSI Hidden Crimes, game of such genre,  will put you in a variety of scenarios where you will explore and examine every inch of the frames inside of your screen. Since you are a detective it is... more →
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Cookie clicker for PC Windows & MAC

Cookie Clicker for pc
Cookie clicker is an extremely silly, yet an incredibly fun game. The name of the game describes how you start off the game, with a total of zero cookies and a great ambition to become the largest cookie producer in the world. It sounds like something the cookie monster would dream of, something none of us would actually want to... more →
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Splashy Fish for PC Windows & MAC

Splashy Fish for pc
RedBit’s Splashy Fish is an arcade game that has captured the hearts of millions of Android users around the world. With over 1 million downloads, this game has topped the charts in different filters on the Google Android Play Store. The current version of the game takes up only a few MB on your Android device depending upon the... more →
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Chasing Yello for PC Windows & MAC

Chasing Yello for pc
Yello is a goldfish trapped in a water bowl that aspires to be free, but it’s dreams are in danger of being shattered by a girl that’s bent on making sure yello is back in the fish bowl that he escaped from. Welcome to chasing yellow, a fun and friendly game available for you android smart phones and tablets. The game is an endless... more →
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Spring Ninja for PC Windows & MAC

Spring Ninja for pc
Back when Android games first started coming out the most popular genre was one touch games. These games were very simple to play and very small in size. If these old fashioned 2D games grab your attention then Spring Ninja is a good one touch game to try out. Spring Ninja belongs to a category of games that do not have a background... more →
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