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Nox App Player for PC : Mobile Gaming Redefined

by boris

There are always people like us who feel the 5-inch smartphone in our hands is too small to focus on and play games when we have an awesome gaming PC configured at home to sit and get carried away playing. When a particular Android game starts trending and your friend keeps talking about it, you feel annoyed because you really don’t want to try playing in it in the small screen.

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Fear not, for there is a way to play your Android games with the same gameplay, only in a much bigger screen and quality graphics. Nox App player for PC is the best Android emulator software. It was born out of Android Kitkat version 4.2.2 and is compatible with all types of hardware, Intel and AMD alike. Nox is built purely for highest performance and offers an easy-to-use interface for mobile gaming experience on your PC like no other.

Some notable highlights of the app include great stability relatable to performance and a speed response despite designed for a bigger screen. It allows for easier operation and a powerful immersive game-time for you. No traditional emulator can compete with Nox in its compatibility strong-points and it can run equally well on both Intel Xeon as well as AMD core processors.

Nox App Player does what other emulators set out to do and often fail. The key aspects being

  1. Simple and easy game controls.
  2. Super-hit games from the play-store that have insane ratings like Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Clash of Clans to mention a few.
  3. Assistive utilities to specify and use extra key options for the game.

The latest update from Nox features a backup-and-restore functionality for all the Nox instances along with the ability to take screenshots of Android apps and save them onto your computer; Simplified and optimized user control interface is another huge plus.

Nox App Player comes with a guarantee of No Adware, No Viruses and being 100% clean. Nox is supported on Windows 10 and allows you to open as many games in as many windows at the same time. The app’s CPU and Configuration settings are highly modifiable to provide multi-tasking abilities in a wide range of computers.

The recent heartbreak of banning the addictive GPS-based Pokemon Go game came as a rude shock to fans. As a last resort, with the Nox Player App you can try to turn off the roots and change the Nox properties with Phone model and try again. So, download the Nox App Player from below listed download button and start experiencing the Android on your Windows Machine!

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