Doodle Snake for PC Windows & MAC

Doodle Snake for PC Featured
Doodle Snake Any reasonable person would agree that if some Swedish game developer hadn’t chose to develop Snake on Nokia’s initial cellphones, we may not be in the position that we are today. That straightforward demonstration transformed cellphones into more than just cellphones. It appears to be fitting to say that... more →
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Amazing Wire for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Wire for PC Featured
Amazing Wire Well after playing Amazing Wire, I want to say that I wonder how the developers took simplistic nature of the game to such a level. Well it doesn’t means its not amazing as its name sounds even though its about a wire and hole. Talking about your main mission, its all about moving the wire , or you might say,... more →
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WaveRun for PC Windows & MAC

WaveRun for PC Featured
WaveRun You might have come across many Arcade games lately but WaveRun is one of its kind as its an endless mayhem and test of your reflexes. In this game you have to survive as long as you can by avoiding different obstacles which in return will be rewarded. WaveRun is an extremely challenging game which tests your reflexes and... more →
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