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by boris

This game is a dangerous world of walking with different toxic and dead creatures. The main mission of player is to save the home land by training the soldiers, forging the weapons and finding alliance in the dark times. The people with lot of wisdom and courage can survive on home land and rest will not survive. Last Empire-War Z is an advanced zombie game which provides possibilities of theme strategic game. The global players can join this game and meet the enemy or alliances from other areas of world. The player needs to get into the home land and fight brutally in the battle. The main purpose of game is to protect and produce the resources to support own troops. The alliances can be united or can be played solo. The player can die or die trying while protecting the home land.

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  • The game is completely free to play.
  • It is a real time advanced zombie theme strategy game.
  • The player can view all battles in real time in different regions of world. It also allows to chat with alliances across the globe.
  • Train the hero or troops, develop own city and create a very powerful army of anti-zombies to fight the battle.
  • Attacking and killing zombies is a strategic action and strategies keeps changing over the time.
  • There are endless dark creatures and zombies to give a zombie massacre thrilling experience.
  • The player can become a villain, hero, and peace ambassador or resource provider. It is totally up to the choice of player.
  • Challenging actions of game.

Publishers Description

Last Empire-War Z is an amazing zombie strategic action game and allows user to face multiple challenges with deadly dark creatures and zombies. The real time battles, training of troops, attacking and killing zombies is very interesting actions for users. The global users can play and challenge each other for enhanced fun. The actions and battles for protecting the home land are challenging and keep the interest of users in game.

Change Log

The new application version has launched new VIP store for selling gems, material and other attractive items. The user needs to activate VIP for unlocking the feature in game. The optimization issues have also been resolved including gaming experience, enhancement of speed. The new version has also added new equipments in game. The alliance creation system is also optimized. The issues related to rewards of feeder tasks are also resolved.

How To install

Last Empire-War Z can be installed on Mac with easy steps of installation. It can be installed through Bluestacks.

  • Download and install Bluestacks from the button listed below!
  • Place Bluestacks emulator on desktop.
  • Open the search box of Bluestacks and search for “Last Empire-War Z”.
  • As the name appears on result screen, tap on it.
  • Wait until the applications, gets downloaded completely.
  • Open the application from all download section of Bluestacks.
  • Start enjoying the game on Mac.
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