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How to Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2

by boris

With over 109 Million users and counting, BlueStacks has become a very popular Android emulator. After it’s inception in 2011, they have provided users with unlimited Android like experience on big screens. Just in case if you don’t know, Android Emulators such as BlueStacks, lets a user run amazing Android Apps on PC regardless of the type of Category of application. With the growing popularity of BlueStacks, constant development, improvement and innovation was inevitable. Furthermore it’s developers have been able to introduce many new features and have come up with a newer version of it, called BlueStacks 2. In this guide, I will give readers a brief overview of the improvements and new features BlueStacks 2 has to offer so reading this article one will be able to learn as How to Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2. With the new Bluestacks 2, one can easily play Android Apps on Operating systems such as Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, either it be a laptop or your Desktop Computer. However for the time being, support for MAC based platform is not available and such users will have to rely on usual BlueStacks Application. MAC based BlueStacks 2 can be expected any time soon as a large number of users are actually Macintosh based and expected launch date is somewhat mid 2016.

Bluestacks 2 New Features | What’s New

“Today, we’re ecstatic to release BlueStacks 2! This is the single biggest update we have ever made to App Player. While there is risk associated with releasing so many features at one time, we couldn’t wait to roll these out to all of our devoted users.” Said in BlueStacks Blogpost. As evident from the BlueStacks blogpost, amongst the prominent feature being offered by this new emulator and what will give it a sustainable competitive advantage over other emulators, is it’s ability to run multiple Android Applications on the go. This feature might not seem that much new for Android Smart Phone & Tablet users but PC Emulators lacked this capability. BlueStacks 2 has introduced a TAB based navigation bar which will let user switch between different running applications thus real multi tasking environment can be experienced. If you are aware of the tabs interface offered by different web browsers you can get an idea of what BlueStacks 2 has up on offer. I was able to run Vector, Clash of Clans and Google Play Store at the same time which is evident from the snap below. Of-course you have to be patient about it, After all it is a virtual environment and there are limitations to what a virtual environment can offer.


Bluestacks 2 Clash of Clans Multitasking

Bluestacks 2 Vector Multitasking


Another feature which is being ignored by most of the users out there is the ability to go back with just a click of a button. At the left top area of navigation bar, a back button has been introduced which is really useful in many scenarios. In the past, one had to go many-folds to get to the back screen but now it is a thing of past.

Bluestacks 2 Toolbar

Amongst the majorly notable new feature offered by BlueStacks 2 is the toolbar offered which incorporates a catchy area of the new User Interface. Furthermore the ability to customize controls on the go and it’s capability to integrate with each downloaded application and keep a record of it is quite exceptional. This feature comes is real handy as there are millions of Android games out there and to be able to play each and every one of them required different sets of gestures and controls. To be able to bring near to touch experience on the keyboard is quite exemplary although it cannot emulate a touch screen Nevertheless, users are now free of static feed of controls they used to have in BlueStacks or any other Android emulator.

Discussing more about the toolbar, it offers multiple features within such as Screen rotation feature, Screen Shake ability, Screenshot Button and more. We will discuss each one and tell you how we felt about each one of them.



Change App Size

The very first button of the toolbar lets you rotate your screen. As I first thought that It will resize the whole BlueStacks window accordingly which might might have given it’s users an unpleasant feel or somewhat a buggy experience but this is not the case here. It rotates the Android application being played while keeping the BlueStacks 2 host window static. This feature will help a user play each and every Android game according to the required Portrait or Landscape mode.


Just below the Screen Rotation Button you will be able to find Screen Shake Feature, which upon a click, gives the host windows a powerful nudge and user will be able to see the window shaking many times in a second or two. This might come in handy for games which require such shakes if one was holding a smart phone.

Take Screenshot

The third icon represents Screenshot feature being offered by this emulator. If ever before you wanted to boast the new scores or milestones you achieved playing an Android game on BlueStacks, you were supposed to use the Host Operating Systems screenshot tool but with this feature, Screenshots are just a click away.

Set Location

Users are with in access of setting their locations using this feature. Just after a user clicks this button,  a map is popped up and lets users identify their current location. This might come in handy for applications which are location sensitive.

Install APK

Have you ever Installed an Android application using just an APK file and not relying on Google Play store. APK file is the extension very Android application has and there are many portals out there offering these APKs for download. If you are wondering why one should do that If such a handy Google Play-store is out there so for instance let’s just assume if one wants to Install an older version of an application. Right? In short, this button will let you import the APK file from the host machine and it will Install the APK right on top of the emulator.

Copy files from Windows

Even though this feature was there in it’s predecessor but what’s good about this one is that it is just a click away and one does not have to go into the Settings Menu, locate it and find a method to copy files from Windows.

Copy & Paste

Seventh and Eight button of this toolbar will let a user Copy & Paste text into the host machine clipboard. Any thing which will be copied to the clipboard whilst using the emulator can be used at the host machine as well.


Another cool feature offered by this toolbar to mute or UN-mute the sound of the application being used or the game being played. Before this feature was introduced, one had to adjust the host machine’s volume which would result in reducing the Emulators volume as well and in many cases one would not love to have that especially whilst being at office, one must be able to listen to it’s email notifications received keeping the game mute so that others cannot be bothered by it.


Last but not least, is the well known icon of HELP. It will redirect you to a BlueStacks webpage with FAQ’s in it.


Changing Controller or Keyboard Mappings for the Game

One of the best feature to be introduced in BlueStacks 2 is the ability to map your keyboard keys to the actual Android touch experience. It’s developers have categorized controls into the categories of TAP, D-PAD, Swipe, Tilt and Zoom. Users can now map all the possible outcomes out there on their keyboard even the Tilt function that is gyro sensor sensitive, can be mapped to keyboard keeping the sensitivity level high and low.

Bluestacks 2 D-PAD to Keyboard Mapping

Bluestacks 2 Tap Keyboard Mapping

Bluestacks 2 Swipe Tilt Zoom Keyboard mapping

But all these features had to come with a cost associated and a thought might have come into the loyal users mind that whether now, this platform is free to use or not especially when its predecessor used to be free. For BlueStacks 2 I would say, it is still free for use but to some extent. I won’t blame the developers for charging it’s users a mere 2 dollar a month or making it mandatory to download some applications because for the services and features they are providing to most of the users are worth more than that and to be able to integrate such a revenue model with BlueStacks 2 wont be hurting it’s users a bit.


Now we move ahead and proceed with guides of as How to install Bluestacks 2 on PC Windows and play Android Applications on top of it either by Installing them via Google Play Store or the APKs. Following the below step by step procedure, user can easily download, install, play & Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2.

How to Install BlueStacks 2 for PC Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to install Bluestacks 2 for PC Windows.

  1. Download the installer file from navigating to the Official BlueStacks Website.
    1. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista Installer
    2. Mac Installer:  Coming Soon

Bluestacks 2 Webpage

  1. The file consists of approx 250 MB. Once the installer is downloaded, Open the file.
  2. Let it extract the necassary files required for the installationBluestacks 2 Installer Extract
  3. At the very first window you see, Keep the App Store Access and Applications Communications Checked. Click Install.Bluestacks 2 Install
  4. After you have clicked Install, Installer will proceed with Installing Runtime for BlueStacks 2, then it will prepare it for use.Bluestacks 2 Installing Runtime
  5. If you see Installation completed on the installer’s Window, Check the Start BlueStacks box and click FinishBluestacks 2 Installation Complete
  6. It will now take you the BlueStacks 2 Android emulator Welcome Screen.BlueStacks 2 Welcome Screen
  7. Follow below procedure to integrate Google Account, BlueStacks Account & App Sync with BlueStacks 2.
  8. To be able to access Google Play Store on BlueStacks 2, a Google account must be configured. To do so, at the top bar locate Gear button which will take you to Settings.Bluestacks 2 Add Account
  9. In Settings Menu, navigate to Add Account Option.
  10. Either make A new Google Account or Use an Existing one for Logging in. In this guide, we will be using an existing account.Optional . Add a credit or Debit card information to the Google Account if you want to play Paid Applications or buy In App purchases.Bluestacks 2 Add Google Account
  11. Once Done, You will come across a window with Enable AppStore Checked in BlueBluestacks 2 Bluestacks Account Sign In
  12. Click Continue and Integrate your Google Account with BlueStacks Account.Bluestacks 2 Gmail Account Bluestacks Account Log in
  13. Click Continue, Logon to your Google Account and Integrate AppSync with BlueStacks 2.Bluestacks 2 One Time Setup Complete
  14. Now you have installed Bluestacks 2 for PC Windows.


Now that we have installed Bluestacks 2 for PC, lets move ahead and discuss a procedure as to How a user can download, Install and Run Android Apps for PC using Bluestacks 2. There are two procedure as to one can run applications i.e. using Google Store and Using APK files. We will discuss both methods comprehensively.

How to Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2

Follow below procedure to get to know as How to Play or Run Android Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2.

  1. Make sure you have BlueStacks 2 opened. (Kindly note that if you had BlueStacks installated on your PC earlier, BlueStacks installer might have over ridden it and you can open it clicking your earlier BlueStacks icon.
  2. Navigate to Android TAB and look for Search button in the top left corner.Bluestacks 2 Search Tab
  3. This search box will fetch the application data directly from Google Play Store. Type in the name of Android Application you want to run on BlueStacks 2.Bluestacks 2 Search App
  4. After you Enter, It will take you the application’s Play Store Page. Click Install to proceed further.Bluestacks 2 Apps for PC Install
  5. Let it download the application.Bluestacks 2 Apps for PC Download
  6. After it is done installing the application, Click Open button.Bluestacks 2 Apps for PC Open Play
  7. This will open the desired Installed Application.Bluestacks 2 Apps for PC Gameplay

How to Install Android Apps for PC in BlueStacks 2 using APK

Follow below procedure to learn as How to Play or Run Android Apps for PC in BlueStacks 2 using APK.

  1. Make sure BlueStacks 2 is running.
  2. Download the desired applications APKs from our website or use APKBEAST | Alternative
  3. Now at the left toolbar, you will be able to find APK button on the fifth row.Bluestacks 2 APK Install
  4. Navigate with in the host machine to locate the downloaded APK file. ( Alternative way is to locate the apk on the host operating system and upon double clicking, one can acheive the desired results)
  5. BlueStacks 2 will start installing the desired Application.Bluestacks 2 Installing APK
  6. A notification will pop up that desired Andriod Apps for PC using Bluestacks 2 has been installed.Bluestacks 2 APK Installed
  7. Now click the All Apps button to find the recently installed APK.Bluestacks 2 All Apps Tab
  8. Click the desired application and a new tab will open running the application.Bluestacks 2 Vega Conflict Installed
  9. Enjoy the Android Apps for PC using Bluestacks 2.Bluestacks 2 Game Play

That’s all about the new features of Bluestacks 2, installation of Bluestacks 2 on PC Windows and a comprehensive method of as to how a user can download and play Android Apps for PC using Bluestacks 2 either via Google Play Store or APKs. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to ask as you can always drop em in the comments box below. Cheers.

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