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How to Copy Files from PC to Bluestacks

by boris

Bluestacks is a reforming application that runs on your PC and it is use to run android applications on your PC, Computer. It also runs on Macintosh computers. What is the benefit of Bluestacks, well that topic is debatable. It is up to your needs, if you prefer Android mobile to run your apps than it is your decision. However, people who want to run for example their online games or such games that will be better in playing if you house keyboard and mouse. The Interface of Bluestacks is very easy to understand, it is just like mobile screen. If you do not have android phone than it will be hard for you learn Bluestacks features but if not that hard if is you little bit familiar with Android. Few years ago, it would not be such a good idea to download Bluestacks, now there are so many wonderful apps that will help you, play them on your laptop. No matter how smart a Smartphone is you still need a computer to perform your major tasks.

There is another benefit of using Android apps on your Pc or Laptop. Some apps do not run smoothly on mobile phone because of the low memory of your mobile but on Bluestacks apps will run according to your computer specifications. If your Laptop specifications are higher than your mobile, it will able you to run heavy android games on your PC. There are some great games like ‘Modern Combat 4’, which will run smoothly with great graphics. In addition, you will be controlling your character with keyboard and mouse, if you are playing online games than you have more chance to win than someone who is using mobile touch screen.

copy files from PC to BluestacksWhen you install Bluestacks software, you will have these apps by default, 1Mobile Market, Bluestacks Charts, Facebook, and Game Pop, Swift HD and Twitter and the rest you have to download on your own. When you first download the app, it synchronized with you Gmail account, and if you want to find apps, which you have already, installed on your android than go to settings of your Google play store and search it and run it on your computer. There are some problems arise when you are using Bluestacks, following are the tips to resolve your problem.

Sometimes it gets hard for the user to explore and run files from PC to Bluestacks, in case you cannot access your files from PC you can use some simple ways to install apps from PC by using some methods.

How to Copy Files from PC to Bluestacks

To Copy Files from PC to Bluestacks you can use two simple methods:

Method 1

1. Copy or Cut Files and put them in one folder

2. Install “ES File Explorer” on Bluestacks,

3. Search by name of files and they will appear in folder.


Method 2

1. Open “Bluestacks Settings”

2. Click “Import Windows Files

3. Click Proceed. (A file chooser dialog will be prompt where you can select the specific file you want to import or export)

4. Click Open Bluestacks will automatically copy the files to the Bluestacks folder.

5. Run the app.

That’s all. Got any queries? Drop em’ in the comment box below.

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