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Free Download Recuva – Recover Your Lost Data

by boris

Worried that you lost your important work files from your computer? Accidentally deleted the important project you have been working on for so long? Lost all data due to a computer crash? Worry not! Recuva gives you the chance to recover each and every bit of your important data from your Hard disk, recycle bin and even from memory cards and MP3 players. Developed by Piriform, Recuva can bring back your permanently deleted files that your system has marked as free space. However, this data recovery tool only works on files and data that have not been overwritten by the system. Recuva is available as a freeware that has a few limited functions and the paid version that has its full features unlocked.


Recuva comes in very handy as we often face instances where some important data gets deleted accidently or unintentionally or the entire components of your hard drive gets lost due to a system failure. All you have to do is install and run Recuva, select the type of files you want to recover and where it was located before. After Recuva runs a deep scan of your system, you would find a complete list of deleted files. Filter out the files you want to recover and then voila! You get your data back.


  • The program can work both with NTFS and FAT file systems on your computer.
  • It can recover any kind of media files, such as pictures, videos, music that you may have accidentally lost. In addition to these, Recuva can also bring back deleted documents and e-mails.
  • With Recuva you can retrieve lost data from any type of rewritable media- external hard disks, memory cards, USB sticks and many others.
  • Recuva is unique in a way that it can recover lost data from damaged or newly formatted drives.
  • Advanced deep scan mode to comb out traces of hidden and hard to find files. Deep scan mode usually takes longer time but it scours your disk drives thoroughly.
  • Permanently delete and remove files that you want gone or may cause harm to your computer. Recuva provides industry standard deletion methods that makes it impossible to recover those files again.
  • An easy to use and simple interface that anyone can work with.
  • Filters are easy to use and all the recovered files are displayed in accordance to their name/type.

Why Choose Recuva?

Accidentally deleting your important documents happens more often than you think. It is for that exact reason that you need something like Recuva, a small and simple recovery tool that can retrieve any type of data that you lost. What makes Recuva a must have in your PC is due to its ability to recover lost data from damaged drives. Now you won’t have to spend sleepless nights trying to find a way to recover your super important document. Recuva delivers on its promise to bring back your lost data. Download the Recuva now!

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