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Free Download IntellliType – The Most Advanced and Popular Program of Keyboards

by boris

Since the last quarter of the twentieth century to present day; if we consider only one thing that has changed the society or the world, in general, certainly the answer will be the advent of computer technology, without this we cannot put a step further on almost all issues. With the growing popularity of the computer and relevant accessories and programs; have paved the way for some big companies to develop most advanced computer programs, which are the main driving force for this unique technological masterpiece. There are lots of drivers. Software programs, hard drive developments, etc., which are predominantly helping the thriving growth of the computer technology, along with, the internet and other facilities. The IntellliType is known as the brand driver for the Microsoft’s series of very popular computer keyboards, which have been developed and released for both the Windows and OS X. On a later stage, this particular program has been succeeded by the Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center, which eventually combines IntelliPoint with the IntellliType.

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Relevant Features

This particular program is supporting all sorts of Microsoft Keyboards, including the entertainment keyboards, which means the keyboards, intended for the Media center is also been supported. Although these are very common features and available in almost all sorts of desktops and similar kinds of devices, but the advanced features are only available for some specific models. If the specific keyboard is having multimedia buttons then the user has to define them in a bid to run any program or for any specific action. There is On-screen indication about the CapsLock / NumLock toggling with various keyboards are available in this program and also On-screen signal is available for the volume level, whenever there is any such change of level. There are almost all sorts of keyboards and other similar kinds of components are being supported by the IntellliType; some which are as follows:

  • Internet Keyboard
  • Internet – Pro Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Elite
  • Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000
  • Comfort Curve 2000 and 3000 series
  • Digital Keyboard 3000
  • Digital Media Keyboard
  • Wireless Laser Keyboard 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 etc. series
  • Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 & 8000 series
  • Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
  • Natural Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 7000
  • Digital Media Keyboard 3000
  • Natural Keyboard Pro
  • Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard
  • Wireless Keyboard 2000 v2.0
  • SideWinder X6
  • SideWinder X4


Today, while everywhere in this world, the uses of computers have taken the novel momentum and the graph of the growth is still on an upward swing, which describes the utility of the technology as a massive switcher of the approaches in our existing society. The IntellliType is one of such programs, which help the user in smooth and comfortable operation of their computers with relevant keyboards. While there are external keyboards are available with every computer, this particular program can provide great help with different nature of keyboards. These keyboards are available in the web-world and can be downloaded, as per the specific requirements.

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