Download Jets Flying Adventure for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Jets Flying Adventure for PC Featured
The new round of the Royal Dutch Airlines is a runner with the state of a paper plane, keeping the plane noticeable all around and exploring it through a cardboard Amsterdam. Jets Flying Adventure is anything but difficult to overlook rapidly that there would be finished missions. In the same way as other runners make Jets utilization... more →
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Download Zombie Tsunami for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Zombie Tsunami for PC Featured
Once once called Zombie Carnival when initially discharged on iOS gadgets and out of all the undead games that were checked on the Android Entity, this is the first occasion when you are not shooting zombies to survive, that is on account of you are zombie. When you first play the game you begin off playing as a solitary zombie.... more →
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Yoo Ninja Plus for PC Windows & MAC

Yoo Ninja Plus for PC Featured
Yoo Ninja Plus Yoo Ninja Plus is 2D stage game where you control your character (a little ninja warrior) that keeps on running. Your assignment is to switch the gravity (either up or down) to keep him running past snags furthermore inside the screen. It is precisely like the Gravity Guy on Miniclip. It is obliges speedy responses... more →
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Looney Tune’s Dash for PC Windows & MAC

Looney Tunes Dash for pc Featured
Looney Tune’s Dash Almost everybody I know grew up watching the Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings. The immortal jokes of Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and all whatever remains of the Looney Tunes group remain a centerpiece of my adolescence experience. Shockingly, Bugs Bunny and companions have not had an (official)... more →
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iRunner for PC Windows & MAC

iRunner appsforpc featured
iRunner iRunner is a fast endless runner game with some of the most amazing graphics in the genre of endless runner games. iRunner has become one of the most popular runner games mainly because of the exceptional high definition graphics that the game has to offer. Once you have downloaded and installed the game, you will play as... more →
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Follow the Line for PC Windows & MAC

Follow the Line for pc
Follow the Line Lets discuss a unique game “Follow the Line“where you, like a mere dot, moving forward in a black, into instantly changing tunnel without running itnto outside edges. When you start playing it you will notice the pace at which you are propelled is relatively fast from the start, and the tunnel relatively... more →
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City Jump for PC Windows & MAC

City Jump for pc
City Jump Just as you in movies heroes of movies jumping from building to building and some bad guys are chasing them well let me ask that who doesn’t love kick-ass cheesy looking super heroes? Well in this game the main aim is that you will follow a red tights-wearing super hero who is running up the walls and jump away from... more →
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Monster Dash Escape for PC Windows & MAC

Monster Dash for PC
Monster Dash Escape Monster Dash Escape is a very amazing Android game and surely the best way if you are looking for something to pass your time with in the best and the most enjoyable way. The particular Android game has been presented to all of you Android users by Halfbrick studios and it falls under the category of Arcade games,... more →
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Monkey King Escape for PC Windows & MAC

Monkey King Escape for pc
Monkey King Escape is an awesome interesting endless running game developed for fans who love to play running games . Just so you know its has been rewarded as Best New Games in App Store. Now let’s take a look at our Monkey King, and check what it is like and weather it’s even worth playing. The story line or main story Monkey... more →
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Turbo Kids for PC Windows & MAC

Turbo Kids for pc
One of the biggest phenomena that hit stores all over the world were the Mario kart series that made old fans dance out with joy and bundled in a lot of new fans of the series as well. The good news is that there is a game similar to it out in the android google play store now. While it may not be up to par with the legend series... more →
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Devil Ninja 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Devil Ninja 2 for pc
The sequel to devil ninja has hit the android google play store and it has hit it hard! Devil ninja 2 implements improved graphics in the endless runner with two different game modes and 10 different bosses for you to challenge, guaranteeing a lot of fun with great graphics and lag free game play right on your finger tips with your... more →
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Daddy was a Thief for PC Windows & MAC

Daddy was a Thief for pc
There are a lot of types of runner games that are gaining popularity on the android smart phones and tablets. Endless runners with a mix of other features such as shooting, racing and arcade etc. are becoming increasingly common and receive positive response from the users. If we decide to call daddy was a thief as an endless falling... more →
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Moon Chaser for PC Windows & MAC

Moon Chaser for PC
If all you have ever wanted in an Android game was a ninja surfing in an endless runner game then Moon Chaser is the game for you. Moon Chaser is a combination of all three of these features. In the game you represent a ninja who surfs over hills while you are in charge of its navigation. You have to control its movement and help... more →
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