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by boris

Windowblinds is a software utility program that enables users to transform the windows graphical user interface into graphical styles of their choice. Windows Users can customize the graphical user interface by applying various skins from Windowblinds. Microsoft Graphical User Interface is made up of title bar, scroll bar, borders, background, etc. and it provided little variations in the look and feel of its interface with every operating system update. Then arrived Windowblinds to allow users to alter their scroll bar, border, title bar etc. and other graphical user interfaces by using variety of styles (skins) available in this utility program. It was introduced in 1998 by Stardock as a component of their software- Object Desktop and in no time became a popular program for desktop skinning. The skinning community can create their own skin for Windowblinds by using a software called SkinStudio, though it needs further editing after creating designs from templates provided in it.


Windowblinds Features!

There are a numerous features of Windowblinds and we are going to discuss about some of its primary characteristics:

  • Easy Application:

It is very easy to change the GUI of Windows desktop by simply clicking a skin of your choice and applying it. You can even choose a part of a wallpaper to be applied and not the whole by double clicking on that desired wallpaper portion. Windowblinds provides a preview of the chosen skin before application so that users can customize it by using SkinStudio. For e.g.: Using SkinStudio users can enable right clicking on the title bar to minimize the Window.

  • Native Application:

Windowblinds runs as a native windows application and does not require other devoted process for the features to become effective. It does not remove the existing windows user interface but extends it with brand-new, faster features. It only changes the visual aspects of control of an application such as button, check boxes, etc. and does not alter actual control of any application. Moreover it gives the option to alter appearance of any application or even bar it from skinning.

  • Application Compatibility:

Windowblinds has been licensed by Microsoft, Dell, Alienware, nVidia, Nintendo and others to create and release additional visual traits. If you can change the appearance of any application then it might be due to a hidden Windowblinds installed in it. Stardock takes time to upgrade its Windowblinds utility so that it is compatible with major operating system. Windowblinds uses graphics hastening features to quicken the visual variety.

  • Daily Use of Windowblinds:

By using this transparent application users can change the colour, texture, background, fonts of any application of their choice. Using it users can enjoy the old skins of Windows operating system in their new version of operating system. It can add additional button in an application such as media player control at the border, button pointing to a website, etc.

With years of enhancement in its capabilities, it has become popular with millions of users worldwide. This software has a free basic version and a paid enhanced version with additional advantages. So, download it now to customize your desktop interface according to your choice.

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