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by boris

This application allows user to access almost everything on Internet. It is an easy to use application and provides great utility to users. Millions of users are using this application across different countries and connected to internet by using Psiphon. The application is a robust tool for circumvention on the web. The application facilitates website access and all other services which are censored, unblocked or unavailable. The location constraints for internet usage can also be managed through this application. The user can access their favorite broadcast, news or any information across the world. The application is very useful for accessing open internet.

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  • The application is free for personal use.
  • Easy download and installation process without any subscription, configuration or registration requirements.
  • The protocols will be selected automatically and provides reliable and effective circumvention to users.
  • The user can also view the traffic used within the application statistics tracking.
  • The application ensures easy access to blocked, failed connection or restricted sites.
  • Constant churning of services and recirculation by adding new servers for continued access of restricted sites.

Publishers Description

Psiphon provides open internet access to users. The constraints on usage of internet can be eliminated by using this application. The open source tool is specifically designed to circumvent the internet usage censorships. Many people are suffering from censorship issues and the application allows users to have freedom of expression. The main task of application is to turn the desktop in proxy server and provides complete internet access to users. The client is encrypted and secure connection is established under the Psiphon server. It removes all bans on any internet usage or any particular web page. The users can easily establish user account through the Psiphon server and all accounts are protected with passwords. The handy service can be used to bypass all types of internet censorship and content filtrations. The only drawback of application is that it does not support all operating systems. The most compatible devices are Android and Windows system and recently, Mac operating system. The users can take advantage of services on limited operating system. The objectives and mission of service is detailed on the application and considers that internet censorship is unlawful and violated the human rights. The application seeks to unblock sites and provide free internet to all users regardless of boundaries. Overall, the purpose of application is quite genuine and provides easy access to favorite sites and web pages.

Change Log

The application has made minor stability improvements. Some performance bugs are also fixed.

How To install

Psiphon can be used on Mac with the support of Bluestacks emulator. Below steps has be followed.

  • Download and install Bluestacks from the button listed below!
  • Open navigation search box of Bluestacks and type application name in search box.
  • As the name of application appears on results page, tap on it!
  • The download process will start automatically.
  • After completion of download process, access all download section of Bluestacks and open the application.
  • Start using Psiphon on Mac.
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