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Download Cooped Up for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

by boris

Cooped Up is an adorable game about a bird. This game is about a very weird green colored bird who has to find his way out of where you will find yourself once you start the game. So basically what you have to do in the particular game is fly up and up and avoid any obstacles that get in the way. There are many weird obstacles and hurdles for this green bird which might come in it’s way at the way up.

Your task in Cooped Up would be to avoid the birds that are making fun of you and they must not get under the skin of this green colored bird. You might also find them being a hurdle while you are on the way up and you must avoid them at all cost. Other than that, the game is quite enjoyable and you have to treat the weird crazy bird just like you would treat an actual crazy bird, meaning that since a real bird would get hungry then this one would too. So do not hesitate to eat worms and other bugs along the way up and do not be disgusted when the bug hangs out from the mouth of your adorable little weird green bird. Cooped Up offers a lot to the players with it’s extensive game play along with good cunning graphics. The game play is really smooth as you fling the adorable little monster type bird up. Don’t worry if you’re one of the types who take a long time to get the hang of the game well this game is easy to get and really fun to play. You’ll get the hang of the game in no time at all. This game has full game center support so you can challenge it out with you friends when it comes to high score. This little features really brings up the challenge in the game and the urge to beat your fellow friend and become really proud of it.

Cooped Up for PC can also be downloaded and played on Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Macintosh Computer’s Mac OS X. An android emulator is all what is required to play Cooped Up for Computer so go ahead, download the application and APK from the steps mentioned below and enjoy. This game gets to your fingers like fire. Its so fun and addictive that you’ll surely have a great time playing it. I would recommend to all people who are looking for a casual pass time game and would like to play such a game on bigger screen, to give this guide a try. Amazingly you can play Cooped up friends and family and have a nice family hangout. You can challenge each others on high scores. Overall this game is really fun to play with amazing features to provide to the player. Now lets go ahead and see how you can play this game on PC.

Cooped Up for PC

Download, Install and Play Cooped Up for PC Windows & PC MAC

To play Cooped Up for PC one must have an emulator installed in it. The most used Android emulator for Windows and MAC are Andyroid & Bluestacks. Download them using below links.

Step1# Download Cooped Up for PC APK file.

Step2# Now download and install Bluestacks on your PC:  Bluestacks Installer Windows |  Bluestacks Installer MAC

Step3# You may want to install Andyroid instead of Bluestacks: Andyroid Installer Windows & MAC

Step4# Now follow this Bluestacks Guide or Andyroid Guide to install either of the emulator.

Step5# Now open the Cooped Up APK file from Step 1 and select Bluestacks / Andyroid to run it.

Step5# After installing the game, follow on-screen instructions to play Cooped Up for PC.

Cooped Up for PC is available for Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP or Mac OS X. Download Cooped Up APK for Computer using guide. That’s all. Got any queries? Drop em’ in the comment box below.


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