How to install BlueStacks at Windows PC & MAC


Are you tired of playing Andriod games on your handheld device or do you fascinate having an Android experience on your PC. Look no further and install Bluestacks on your PC. BlueStacks is a lightweight emulator or I should say virtual machine that runs on top of the base Operating system, either a Windows platform or MAC. This application is fruitful enough to provide any user with no access to Android compatible device, a dynamic experience of Android on PC. As Android uses a Google platform one must keep in mind that to be able to use this Emulator, Google account is a must. The good thing about this Emulator is that it has been developed keeping in mind the capability of most of the PC’s out there and I rather found its Graphical User Interface to be to easy and straightforward. Anyone with a little know how of how an Android device works will have no problem using Bluestacks. If you are wondering that there might be some 3rd party repository from where applications will be downloaded then you are entirely mistaken. This emulator will directly connect with Google Play store and based on the compatibility of the application, any APK available at the play store can be installed and used. Cloud Connect is an another feature offered by this Emulator which would help users synchronize and exchange data between Bluestacks and the base operating system. Though I can only give only a slight overview of the potential this has got and to truly experience its flare you must give it a try.


How to install BlueStacks Windows PC & MAC


Step 1.  To be able to use BlueStacks, first download the relevant installer as per the Operating System

  • For installation on Windows 8.1 , 8 & 7 use this link
  • For installation on MAC OS, use this link

Step 2.  Open the installer and Install it. Be patient with it as it might take some time

Step 3.  Open Bluestacks when its installed, let it download the required files


Step 4.  At this step, Bluestacks needs to by synched with Google Account. User will be taken to self explanatory portal to Sync Google Account with BlueStacks

bluestacks, playstore enable

Step 6.  Enable App Sync using Google Account, which is used to synchronize data between BlueStacks, Google and PC

App Sync, bluestacks

Step 7. This emulator should be functional by nor and use Search Icon to locate applications in Google Play Store

bluestacks search

Step 8. After you have searched for the desired application, Download and Install it

Step 8 Search Boom Beach

Step 9 Downlod Boom Beach


Step 9. Open All Apps tab and click the Installed Application



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