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Beat the Boss 3 for PC Windows & MAC

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Beat the Boss 3

If ever in your life, you ever wished to beat the hell out of your boss, then Beat the Boss 3 is for you. This game holds numerous methods to kill and beat the life out of your cartoonist boss. This cartoon style game starts with the employee getting yelled at and being slapped by his boss, which speaks clearly that it’s time for employee for revenge. The player can toss the manager against the wall, which is joined by sound of crashes and “ow!” clamors. Wounds show up on the supervisor/Boss. The player is offered “weapon” of a slapping glove and can continue to slap the supervisor. Coins are granted for hits. As coins collect, the player can buy different weapons. Another weapon which can be obtained with coins is a stogie – the player can utilize it to cause smolders on the supervisor, which is joined by searing clamors and smoke.

The ultimate goal of Beat the Boss 3 is to continue incurring damage on the supervisor, notwithstanding when he is lying beaten on the ground, until he passes on. The player can tap on a heart to awake manager. Players can buy or assemble different weapons, lets say, a bow and bolt, a nail firearm, a spiked bat, swords, a choice of firearms and rifles. The player will set destinations, for instance to kill the manager three times, for which they are compensated with coins and/or jewels though coins can be purchased for US/$1.99 to US/$109.99. At level 7, the player can play a scratchie ticket amusement called Lucky Boss, in which players could win a prize like more precious stones or hearts for the boss beating session, The player can scratch 3 spots – the images revealed may win a prize. If not, the player can utilize more jewels for an additional scratch or purchase another card with a bigger number of gems.

In Beat the Boss 3, the player causes a lot of cartoonist violence. In the first stage, office specialists witness the brutality through a huge window, yet most take cover behind their work area parcels. Occasionally, they turn out to cheer, except for one unfortunate worker who sheds a tear. Free coins can be earn by liking the game on Facebook. Players can win free jewels by joining the Tapjoy.com with either their email address or Facebook and downloading the MyTapjoy application. This application presents offers for players to play games, do overviews and purchase items to gain free jewels. Beat the Boss 3 for PC is available for download which will let you beat you boss on a bigger screen. It might sound hilarious still we have devised a way one can play Beat the Boss 3 for PC. Cheers!

Beat the boss 3 for pc

Download, Install and Play Beat the Boss 3 for PC Windows & PC MAC using this simple guide | Android Beat the Boss 3 on PC

Beat the Boss 3 for PC

Required Downloads

To play Beat the Boss 3 for PC one must have an emulator installed in it. The most used Android emulator for Windows and MAC are Andyroid & Bluestacks. Download them using below links

Bluestacks Guide    |   Bluestacks Installer Windows   |   Bluestacks Installer MAC

Andyroid Guide       |   Andyroid Installer Windows & MAC

Beat the Boss 3 for PC


How To Install & Play Beat the Boss 3 on Computer | PC | Windows 7, 8, 10 | MAC

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks / Andyroid using above links on PC
  2. Install Bluestacks or Andyroid on your respective operating system.
  3. Now download Beat the Boss 3 for PC APK and place it on PC.
  4. Now open the Beat the Boss 3 APK and select Bluestacks / Andyroid to run it
    1.  If selected by default, leave it the way it is
  5. It will be installed on the respective emulator and notify once done
  6. Open this notification, APK will start.
  7. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.

Alternatively one can open BlueStacks / Andyroid, Search & install Beat the Boss 3 using Google Play-store.

If you have any queries/suggestions or facing any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to comment in the box below. I will try my best to help you out. Thanks All!

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