White Tiles 4 : Piano Master for PC Windows & MAC

White Tiles 4 - Piano Master for PC
Though the name might seem complicated but this is a very simple game to play. It has a total of five instruments that includes Piano, Guitar, Classic, Drum and Dubset. The colors of tiles vary and the application provides hundred different colors to the users of White Tiles 4. As using the application is really simple and easily... more →
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Table Tennis Touch for PC Windows & MAC

Table Tennis Touch for PC
Yakuto has come with a great new creation for all the sports lovers and particularly those who are interested in playing table tennis and are passionate about the game. Am sure you must have never experienced playing table tennis on your mobile phones but now with the ease of smart phones the Table Tennis Touch will surely be able... more →
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Shooty Skies for PC Windows 7,8,10 & MAC

Shooty Skies for PC
Shooty Skies is simple yet very interesting. Another magnificent creation of Mighty Games Group Pty Ltd was the Crossy Road which had been a hit in the Google play store. The basic objective of the game Shooty Skies is to dodge, duck, goose, weave and shoot. You have to take it to the skies. Obviously pandas are adorable so what... more →
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March of Empires for PC Windows & MAC

March of Empires for PC
The game play of March of Empires is strategic and challenging. In the game the player has to give his best in order to ascend and get himself to the throne in order to win over the rule of the lands. The player needs to fight for the acquisition of the title for him that is the Highland King and the great Desert Sultan. The game... more →
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Subterfuge for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

The game Subterfuge is slightly different from all the other applications present in the Google Play Store. It is a multiplayer game which can be enjoyed online and in offline mode as well. In the game strategy and diplomacy two elements are badly needed. The players of the game are needed to gather some form of intelligence than... more →
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Survivalcraft for PC Windows & MAC

Survivalcraft for PC
Survivalcraft is an amazing creation of Candy Rufus Games. It is an action oriented game that has been designed for all the action lovers. People who have their deepest interests in action movies will surely fall in love with the game Survivalcraft. The game-play of Survivalcraft is simple to understand. The player of the game is... more →
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Battle Bros – Tower Defense for PC Windows & MAC

Battle Bros - Tower Defense for PC
As evident from the name, game play of Battle Bros consists of battling against the large number of minions in order to defend your tower. The game gives you the option of enjoying multiplayer so you and your friends can have the real feeling of action together. There is a wicked and strong corporation of Evil minions that try to... more →
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Kanvas Lab for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Kanvas Lab For PC
Kanval Lab is an application which is useful at the same time being really fun to use. The most advantageous element of it is that it lets is users to create and decorate all the media files in their phones. The pictures taken by your phones or your devices that have been a part of your phone gallery can be enhanced and decorated... more →
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Prize Claw 2 for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Prize Claw 2 for PC
Prize Claw 2 has a wonderful display and an awesome visual effect that really inspires the player and makes him want to play more and more. It lets the users to enjoy the effects of lightning, massive tornadoes and the effects of explosions. It gives you a real like feeling when you are playing the game and enjoying it. As the game... more →
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Blackmoor – Duberry’s Quest for PC Windows & MAC

Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest for PC
Balckmoor Duberry’s Quest it is very simple and can be easily followed up by the players. It is an action game provides all of its players a platform to enjoy a combination of different and extraordinary moves coupled with a great number of fights being the boss. It is all about the fights between the Goblins and Ghosts that reminds... more →
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Crime Coast: Mafia Wars for PC Windows & MAC

Crime Coast Mafia Wars for PC
Crime Coast is an action role playing game which is very different from all the games previously developed by the extraordinary team of Pixel Squad. It is all about handling a heist homie. Have you ever wonder what could have happen if the Ganster Tony Montana could be made into Hannah Montana? Yes it seems difficult but go ahead... more →
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Invasion: Modern Empire for PC Windows & MAC

Invasion Modern Empire for PC
The game play of Invasion Modern Empire is related to the wars that take place in the modern world as it described in the name of the game. It is an online War simulation game that gives your skills a real challenge and test by putting you to clash with the fractions of the enemy. The Clash is supposed to lead to the taking over... more →
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Words With Friends for PC Windows & MAC

Words With Friends for PC
Words with Friends is one special game where your word building skills are put to a test. Word with Friends can now be played in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and British English language. The game is totally fun to play in which you and your friends can come compete with one another in the most... more →
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Dungeon Rush Evolved for PC Windows & MAC

Dungeon Rush Evolved for PC
Dungeon Rush Evolved is a free to play game that has everything the players could ask for. The heroes of the games and the players are supposed to explore the deep down dark dungeons in the ruins of the ancient times. In the dungeons they will have an action fight with the terrifying monsters that are to be fought with bravery and... more →
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Hungry Shark Evolution for PC Windows & MAC

Hungry Shark Evolution for PC
Although Hungry Shark Evolution is pretty simple to play but still it requires the player learn the tactics of tackling with the giant and the small aquatic dangers that come straight towards you with the aim of getting you down. Being the wild shark all the players need to understand one thing that in order to survive at the maximum... more →
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Steel Marshal for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Steel Marshal for PC
In the game Steel Marshal, player has to join the battle force of the World War 2 that takes the players into the realistic environment of war. The player will be able to have ultimate fun when commanding his military troops to raid that particular area which you have chosen for them. The game has tried its best to combine the real... more →
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Extreme Dash for PC Windows & MAC

Extreme Dash is really simple and in the game the player only has to make sure that he protects the cube for sixty seconds. The time period is too less but the happenings of sixty seconds are really exciting. It is the only goal of the game to protect the cube for the time period defined in its game play. If we look at the game it... more →
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Cookie Jam for PC Windows & MAC

Cookie Jam for PC
In order to play Cookie Jam the player needs to carefully go through the basic objective it offers. Get all your cookies jammed before all of them crumble and convert into cookie jam. The game has a delicious and sweet look and it invites the players to itself by its colorful looking sweets. The game is equally challenging and is... more →
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Toy Blast for PC Windows & MAC

Toy Blast for PC
The game Toy Blast is very interesting and very simple. It is an ultimate game that ahs powers and magic in which puzzles are to be solved by finding out the correct matching. There is a character in the game named Amy who needs your help in order to get the puzzles solved so that she can collect all of her precious and really special... more →
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Panda Pop for PC Windows & MAC

Panda Pop for PC
Panda Pop is a puzzle game which has been created for all the lovers and fans of puzzle games. It is the creation of SGN and has created a lot of hype in the Google App Store. The game got released in the year 2015 and since then it has been downloaded and enjoyed by the users of smart phones and other devices. Up till now the game... more →
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