Download Zombie Tsunami for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Zombie Tsunami for PC Featured
Once once called Zombie Carnival when initially discharged on iOS gadgets and out of all the undead games that were checked on the Android Entity, this is the first occasion when you are not shooting zombies to survive, that is on account of you are zombie. When you first play the game you begin off playing as a solitary zombie.... more →
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Download Dragon Mania Legends for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Dragon Mania Legends for PC Featured
Dragon Mania Legends incorporates more than one hundred types of mythical beasts to find and a lot of side missions to handle. Battle groupings are turned based setting your winged serpents against the Vikings. One thing is for sure with Dragon Mania Legends amusement gives you a lot of direction as you play. A large group of characters... more →
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Download Cooking Fever for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Cooking Fever for PC Featured
The fundamental topic and diversion play mechanics are a natural blend on the grounds that there is just so much you can do as far as one of a kind mechanics for a sustenance stand amusement. In Cooking Fever the center starts with your essential burger counter – you’ve got a solitary skillet and burner to cook on, and... more →
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Run for PC Windows & MAC

Run for PC Featured
Run Run is a unique and addictive game by kongregate. The ratings and downloads of this application is very high with more than five millions downloads and the average percentage of user rating is gradually increasing from 94%. This game has a very basic and unique theme in which there is tiny robot character, as the name indicates,... more →
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Fun Run for PC Windows & MAC

Fun Run for PC Featured
Fun Run Trust it or not, the most mainstream free iPhone, iPad and also for android devices title is an unrefined minimal game from dirtyBit is called Fun Run. It appeared a couple of months back, yet has seen a fabulous resurgence, the new update that conveyed some of the new features like bolster, extra seven maps, another symbol,... more →
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Yoo Ninja Plus for PC Windows & MAC

Yoo Ninja Plus for PC Featured
Yoo Ninja Plus Yoo Ninja Plus is 2D stage game where you control your character (a little ninja warrior) that keeps on running. Your assignment is to switch the gravity (either up or down) to keep him running past snags furthermore inside the screen. It is precisely like the Gravity Guy on Miniclip. It is obliges speedy responses... more →
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Oreo: Twist, Lick, Dunk for PC Windows & MAC

OREO- Twist, Lick, Dunk for PC Featured
Oreo: Twist, Lick, Dunk Oreo is an adored brand of creamed filled cookies with more than ninety five millions cookies are sold every day all over the globe, it being named as America’s Favorite and most selling food brand. Inspired by this famous cookie, Oreo: Twist, Lick, Dunk has been designed PikPok, which permits players... more →
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World Series of Poker for PC Windows & MAC

World Series of Poker for PC Featured
World Series of Poker Playtika, raising the stakes of the best free poker game on Android, by launching World Series of Poker. It let’s you compete with the professional player to satisfy your need of playing poker or proving that you are a true poker shark, buy into heavy stake tables and win heavy chips and truly fill your... more →
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Super Adventurer for PC Windows & MAC

Super Adventurer for PC Featured
Super Adventurer Is there much else delightful and cute than a kid and his tiger? Indeed, what about a kid and his giraffe? A pet was in there as well, however the desirous Mr: B has stone-napped him, so now the responsibility lies upon you and your trusty reticulated steed to get him back. Super Adventurer is an adventurous game... more →
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8 Ball Pool for PC Windows & MAC

8 Ball Pool for PC Featured
8 Ball Pool I’ve never truly been great at pool as I usually can see the points where I have to hit the ball however can never appear to execute appropriately. This can be baffling as I tend to get aggressive whilst playing such games. 8 Ball Pool has arrived for my aid and has improved my lack of real pool skills which allows... more →
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Lep’s World 3 for PC Windows & MAC

Lep's World 3 for PC featured
Lep’s World 3 In case you’re an enthusiast of Super Mario, then you may need to look at Lep’s World 3. It’s a very much alike video game, However with a Leprechaun turn. The villagers gets kidnap and elve’s gold gets stolen by the depraved trolls. The loved one’s lives depends on the certain someone... more →
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Doodle Snake for PC Windows & MAC

Doodle Snake for PC Featured
Doodle Snake Any reasonable person would agree that if some Swedish game developer hadn’t chose to develop Snake on Nokia’s initial cellphones, we may not be in the position that we are today. That straightforward demonstration transformed cellphones into more than just cellphones. It appears to be fitting to say that... more →
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Beat the Boss 3 for PC Windows & MAC

Beat the Boss 3 for PC Featured
Beat the Boss 3 If ever in your life, you ever wished to beat the hell out of your boss, then Beat the Boss 3 is for you. This game holds numerous methods to kill and beat the life out of your cartoonist boss. This cartoon style game starts with the employee getting yelled at and being slapped by his boss, which speaks clearly that... more →
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Stick Hero for PC Windows & MAC

Stick Hero for pc featured
Stick Hero Its been many years that android games have been getting popular and most of the games on this platform are superb. Some are heavy games with a lot of size and graphics but many are simple yet alluring. Well few years ago it was right to judge a game by its size or graphics but after the invention of some really creative... more →
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Amazing Wire for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Wire for PC Featured
Amazing Wire Well after playing Amazing Wire, I want to say that I wonder how the developers took simplistic nature of the game to such a level. Well it doesn’t means its not amazing as its name sounds even though its about a wire and hole. Talking about your main mission, its all about moving the wire , or you might say,... more →
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Amazing Ninja for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Ninja for PC featured
Amazing Ninja This game, Amazing Ninja, you may say its simple, perhaps that’s makes it both good and bad . Well ninja games are quiet popular as players just have to tap the left side of the screen it will make your tiny ninja jump high and if you tap the right side of the screen it will make your Amazing Ninja swing its... more →
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WaveRun for PC Windows & MAC

WaveRun for PC Featured
WaveRun You might have come across many Arcade games lately but WaveRun is one of its kind as its an endless mayhem and test of your reflexes. In this game you have to survive as long as you can by avoiding different obstacles which in return will be rewarded. WaveRun is an extremely challenging game which tests your reflexes and... more →
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1 Dot for PC Windows & MAC

1 Dot for PC Featured Image
1 Dot 1 Dot, we can say is the simplest game ever made, which is very small in size too so that would not be much of a load on PC. 1 Dot as as the name suggests dot, it should be a game involving dots, saving one dot from enemy dots. Its like that kid of game on which we can say they are easy to play, almost any person no matter... more →
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Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster for PC Windows & MAC

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster for PC Featured
Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster There’s is a special feeling when you control a roller-coasters from your android, specially when you play Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster. Players have to tilt the mobile in angle so the passengers don’t fell down and not only that, you have to avoid animals you will find on rampage and you... more →
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The Tower for PC Windows & MAC

The Tower for PC Featuerd
The Tower Android and tower games are as common place as bread for breakfast these days, its either destroying towers or building towers, or building your own towers and destroying everyone else!. This time a wise sage ordered man kind to build a large tower, why? To reach the gods of course! And then once again they were not able... more →
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