How to install Andyroid Windows PC & MAC


Necessity is a mother of invention, Isn’t it? Well in case of Android it is for sure, as to facilitate millions of Android users there had to be some way so that Android OS experience could be brought to PC. You might have heard of running an Operating System on top of Operating System which enables user to experience either of the OS without rebooting the PC. It isn’t just the reboot that users are able to avoid but there are many many more features associated with it. Same concept has been utilized and Android OS can be installed on top of either Windows based platform or MAC using a utility named Andyroid. Nick named ANDY, this software has gained lot praise and popularity and its development team has put phenomenal efforts to emulate Android on PC. One of the key feature for this software that I experienced was of Andy Remote Control. After installation of this application on a touch screen mobile, one can use that mobile as a remote control. One might wonder the need of PC emulator if one is already equipped with a mobile but nevertheless I found it to be very useful as I was able to play Google Play Store Games on a much much larger screen.  I might not be able to comprehend all the features of Andyroid in one go and for that I would really recommend that you go ahead and Install this Software. This guide will help Android users install Andyroid on their PC



How to install Andyroid Windows PC & MAC


Step 1.  Download Andy Emulator using either of the links. Installer will automatically detect the host operating system and install the Link 1 | Link 2

Andyroid Download

Step 2.  After you have downloaded the file, Install Andyroid by clicking the downloaded

Step 3.  Installation process might take a while and in the process it might download files as well so sit back and relax

Andyroid Install

Step 4.  After installation is complete, Open Andyroid. Wait a while so that Andyroid integrates all the Applications.

Andyroid Install

Andyroid INstall


Step 5.  Setup your personal Google account as it is usually required on all Android devices

Andyroid Google Setup

Andyroid Google Setup

Step 6.  After successful integration of Google Account, A lock screen will appear. Unlock it using mouse of PCAndyroid Main Screen


Step 7.  After Unlocking the Screen, Andy might prompt you to link your GOOGLE account with CLICK-1 which will be used to synchronize data between Andy and Google Account


Step 8.  After successful completion of above steps, you can open Google Play Store and search for the applications to download

Andyroid Google Store


If you have any queries/suggestions or facing any difficulties regarding this post, please feel free to comment in the box below. We will try its best to help you out. Thanks All!

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  1. alexxxxxxxe says:

    i downloaded Andyroid on my hp laptop window 10, the installation was successful but when i want to run the Application it will display “not responding” after some seconds it will show Andy error operation called. why is it so or is there something i’m missing?

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