AgingBooth for PC Windows & MAC

AgingBooth for PC Featured
AgingBooth AgingBooth is fun app by PiVi and Co. You can have great fun with the Face Aging Booth that will make your look old in the photo you submit and you can take it as a face changer time app. Face AgingBooth make’s your friends and family, companion or entire family snicker and laugh by revealing to them your interesting... more →
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Perfect365 for PC Windows & MAC

Perfect365 for PC Featured
Perfect365 Have you ever took a photo with your cellphone and wish you could have quickly touched it up before uploading it? Perfect365 deals with this with predefined “Hot Style” effects like the famous Instagram to rapidly enhance your flick. Moreover it permits you to make the plunge and get granular to change subtle... more →
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FIFA for PC Windows & MAC

FIFA for PC Featured
FIFA Claimed by FIFA that it would a complete guide and a companion to get through your football fever. It highlights the every tournament, Championship ship league and World Cups of course and Europa’s league as well. For every tournament, A full schedule, ability to give instant score results and news about matches. Take... more →
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FrontBack for PC Windows & MAC

Frontback for PC Featured
FrontBack The photography application Frontback by Checkthis, does precisely what it’s name suggests, it takes a photograph of what’s before the gadget and after that one behind it, a photo of the scene before you, followed by the photo of the photographer. Frontback, which is successful and simple to utilize, benefits... more →
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Blend Collage for PC Windows & MAC

Blend Collage for PC Featured
Blend Collage Photography applications are truly prevalent on Google Play Store, as they offer a lot of ways in which you can utilize the effects/filters and enhance your photos before you post them on the web. Still, If you got numerous pictures you want to utilize, You can use Blend Collage, to get inventive with them and make... more →
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Glitchr for PC Windows & MAC

Glitchr for PC Featured
Glitchr Tired of the effects the photograph sharing Apps provide? Instagram, Schminstagram – You should try Glitchr, another contestant in the photograph Editing/filtering platform, which is promising to bring back the old school look of the NES and Gameboy for those individuals who need a retro appeal added to their photo’s.... more →
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Assistant for PC Windows & MAC

Assistant for PC Featured
Assistant As Siri approved , personal assistant applications ought to be a lot of, well, personal. Assistant not solely helps you stay on schedule, It also works in many dialects and platforms, however it even tells jokes, adding slight amount of humor when having a work-less day. Plus, Assistant is workable on many platforms i-e... more →
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Google Goggles for PC Windows & MAC

Google Goggles for PC Featured
Google Goggles Google Goggles, technically is an android app and this application is available on Google Play Store only. This app turns on your camera and let you check you for plagiarism, whether the information is available online or it’s just a duplicate and many many more cool things can be done using this application. Google... more →
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Vinylmation for PC Windows & MAC

Vinylmation for PC Featuerd
Vinylmation Many fans of animation movies will like such an application because of it’s good colors and 3d visuals, some of our artists fellows will love to hear about the app Vinylmation where you can create your own 3d Animations on a character. Basically its all about turning your white color animated mouse like figure into... more →
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Google Classroom for PC Windows & MAC

Google Classroom for pc android featured
Google Classroom Google Classroom is best said to be a good start. It’s intuitive, with plenty of genuinely useful features for teachers and students and could actually help to cut down on paper used in schools though at this moment, it’s also not a robust tool to replace a full-featured learning management system. It doesn’t... more →
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Ringtone Maker for PC Windows & MAC

Ringtone Maker featured Image
Ringtone Maker A long time ago Ringtone Maker was something that was very common in the phones and one might easily remember those button phones in which monotonic and polyphonic tones were created, which was relished by the phone holder. Now times have changed, technology has evolved and we are in the smartphone era. Nowadays mostly... more →
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Mirror Grid for PC Windows & MAC

Mirror Grid for PC Featured Image
Mirror Grid With photo editing being the latest trending fashion all across the globe, photo editing apps have been gaining tremendous popularity all across the globe, which resulted in people proficient in photo editing making a living out of it while sitting in their homes, and then the markets were hit by another revolution which... more →
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Tubidy for PC Windows & MAC

Tubidy for pc
Do you like songs and music is your fuel of the mind? Then you might wanna navigate over to the android google play store and do a quick search for the tubidy app to download on your android smart phone or tablet. Tubidy is an app with which you can download and listen to songs right from your android smart phone or tablet. Tubidy... more →
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