Age of Sparta for PC Windows & MAC

One of the true giants of the Google android play store, the developers Gameloft have jumped into the popular genre, promoted by Clash of Clans, of the strategy domination model that is booming in the gaming section of the play store for all android smart phones and tablets. Age of Sparta is a gem by gameloft that completely revamps the tried and tested model of clash of clans with a more interactive feel to it, which is does by letting you take the command of the troops that you have right into the battlefield instead, and instead of just deploying the troops and watching them as they wreak havoc across the lands of your enemies, or even friends if you are in a bad mood, and set ablaze their prized bases and rob them of all their riches by plundering the wealth of their storage that are filled up with resources that are the life and blood of the game Age of Sparta.

The game features all the typical aspects of the strategy builder clashing games in the android Google play store, which include building mines and other building structures that allow you to have an internal mechanism that produces the in game currency that you can use to further upgrade and advance your troops and the buildings you have in your base, as well as to purchase new buildings of strategic importance, such as gold producing structures, to diplomatic buildings which allow you to forge alliances, to military barracks and grounds for assembling all your troops before you begin your onslaught on an unsuspecting enemy. You also build buildings which have a defensive nature such as cannons that will serve the purpose of defending your base against invading forces. All these buildings can be upgraded and that helps the player in unlocking new stuff as they progress through the game further and further on. The buildings gain added features and upgrades like additional output for the mines or increased capacity for the troops to unlocking new technologies that you can use to your benefit in various ways. You can also summon heroes with different abilities to your home base to serve your cause and give a great boost to your offensive force in battle.

The great interactive feature of the game is the battle which involves a greater role from the player than just deploying the troops to march to their deaths. The player can swipe on the screen to dodge an enemy fire from a cannon and also perform a number of gestures that the game will teach you in the beginning with the tutorial. Gameloft has adapted it’s signature free to play, give small tips for added bonuses model, in Age of Sparta. The game can downloaded and played for free from the android google play store but to get rid of the timmers that stop your buildings from upgrading instantly, you need to spend premium currency, but we’ll let you be the judge of the model when you play Age of Sparta. If you are interested in playing Age of Sparta for PC, then you have come to the right place. It’s said that strategy games are best played on the PC so just go through this guide and have fun playing Age of Sparta for PC.

Age of Sparta Windows & MAC

Download, Install and Play Age of Sparta for PC Windows & PC MAC using this simple guide | Android Age of Sparta on PC

Required Downloads

To play Age of Sparta for PC one must have an emulator installed in it. The most used Android emulator for Windows and MAC are Andyroid & Bluestacks. Download them using below links

Bluestacks Guide    |   Bluestacks Installer Windows   |   Bluestacks Installer MAC

Andyroid Guide       |   Andyroid Installer Windows & MAC

Age of Sparta APK

How To Install & Play Age of Sparta on Computer | PC | Windows 7, 8, 10 | MAC

  1. Download and Install Bluestacks / Andyroid using above links on PC
  2. Install Bluestacks or Andyroid on your respective operating system.
  3. Now download Age of Sparta APK and place it on PC.
  4. Now open the Age of Sparta APK and select Bluestacks / Andyroid to run it
    1.  If selected by default, leave it the way it is
  5. It will be installed on the respective emulator and notify once done
  6. Open this notification, APK will start.
  7. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.

Alternatively one can open BlueStacks / Andyroid, Search & install Age of Sparta using Google Play-store.

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