Cow Runner for PC Windows & MAC

Cow Runner AppsforPC
Cow Runner If you are into mutation and cows then Rabbits Apps’ Cow Runner is the game for you. This pick me up and play is a fun game for all of you curious minds who would like to know what would happen to a cow when it has been mutated. This creative and well thought out game involves combining cows to evolve them into brand... more →
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iStunt 2 for PC Windows & MAC

iStunt 2 Featured Appsforpc
iStunt 2 The great designers will tell you that elegance is the real goal even they have to loose some features of the product, Well on the other hand the same philosophy that applies to iStunt 2. The original versions of games when they were released of Tetris, Bejeweled, Doodle Jump etc they all had one single core mechanic and... more →
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Donkey Jump for PC Windows & MAC

Donkey Jump for PC
Donkey Jump Have you ever wonder why the hit game , Donkey Jump is famous among its fans as maybe “the hardest platform game there it is” and after playing it you will get the idea that it might be right. The style of the game is that you might say the difficulty comes not from challenging and tricky puzzles or from the very... more →
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Brave Frontier for PC Windows & MAC

brave frontier Windows & MAC
There’s one thing to be said for the classics, actually, there’s lots to be said for them, or they wouldn’t get to be classics within the first place. Brave Frontier positively has its sights assail giving mobile gamers homesick feelings of the JRPGs of bygone days, with some collectible cards bits. That’s a sound strategy,... more →
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Ants smasher for PC Windows & MAC

Ant Smasher for PC
Ants smasher, Best Free Game and by name you must have got an idea how it must be , its really childish but as they say every man has a a child inside, so as a child specially if you are a boy you must had some moment in your life where you tried to smash some ants , here you go. just tap and tap and what happen when you tab , ants... more →
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Where’s My Water? 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Where's My Water? 2 for PC
Where’s My Water? 2 is the another game in simple words a game similar to Disney’s in style puzzle game within which you would like to bring water to swampy the crocodile so he will take a shower. In three words one might say this game is Good, awesome and clean fun. As we know original previous Where’s My Water?... more →
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Banana Island for PC Windows & MAC

Banana Island for pc
Running games are invariably the favorite ones on smart phones. There are many kind of that very same construct however a number of those games are extremely price giving your attention. Rather like that you simply can relish Banana Island – Monkey Kong Run. This game is fun and pleasurable in each variety of state of affairs.... more →
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One Piece Treasure Cruise for PC Windows & MAC

One Piece Treasure Cruise for pc
Bandai namco entertainment inc’s One Piece Treasure Cruise is one the best one piece mobile games on your android smart phone or tablet. With over a million android on the android google play store alone, the game has a 4.6 rating and that is quite a lot of fame and glory put together by one app. One Piece Treasure Cruise is one... more →
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Chasing Yello for PC Windows & MAC

Chasing Yello for pc
Yello is a goldfish trapped in a water bowl that aspires to be free, but it’s dreams are in danger of being shattered by a girl that’s bent on making sure yello is back in the fish bowl that he escaped from. Welcome to chasing yellow, a fun and friendly game available for you android smart phones and tablets. The game is an endless... more →
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Aliens drive me Crazy for PC Windows & MAC

Aliens Drive me Crazy for pc
Aliens drive me crazy is a fun and action packed game which is now available on the android google play store to download and play on your android smart phones and tablets. With mobile gaming reaching new heights everyday and the hype just keeps building on non stop from one title to another, a crazy app has just smashed through... more →
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Turbo Kids for PC Windows & MAC

Turbo Kids for pc
One of the biggest phenomena that hit stores all over the world were the Mario kart series that made old fans dance out with joy and bundled in a lot of new fans of the series as well. The good news is that there is a game similar to it out in the android google play store now. While it may not be up to par with the legend series... more →
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Devil Ninja 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Devil Ninja 2 for pc
The sequel to devil ninja has hit the android google play store and it has hit it hard! Devil ninja 2 implements improved graphics in the endless runner with two different game modes and 10 different bosses for you to challenge, guaranteeing a lot of fun with great graphics and lag free game play right on your finger tips with your... more →
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BMX Boy for PC Windows & MAC

BMX boy for pc
BMX Boy is a free to download game that you can get from the Android Google Play Store and install on your very own Android smartphone or tablet. BMX Boy is easy to play; fun and you will be undergoing some of the best known bicycle tricks! These will include making high jumps, speeding on a bicycle and performing various other tricks... more →
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Spring Ninja for PC Windows & MAC

Spring Ninja for pc
Back when Android games first started coming out the most popular genre was one touch games. These games were very simple to play and very small in size. If these old fashioned 2D games grab your attention then Spring Ninja is a good one touch game to try out. Spring Ninja belongs to a category of games that do not have a background... more →
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Moon Chaser for PC Windows & MAC

Moon Chaser for PC
If all you have ever wanted in an Android game was a ninja surfing in an endless runner game then Moon Chaser is the game for you. Moon Chaser is a combination of all three of these features. In the game you represent a ninja who surfs over hills while you are in charge of its navigation. You have to control its movement and help... more →
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Inchy for PC Windows & MAC

Inchy for PC
Inchy is a cross platform game that is trending on the Android Google Play Store and has over 500,000 downloads as of yet. Inchy was developed by Apps for Life LLC. If you enjoy games with simple objectives and that test your agility then Inchy is the perfect game for you. As is the case with other games in its genre, this game... more →
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Block Story PC Windows & MAC

Block Story PC
If you are into games like Minecraft, then Block Story will be a good change for you. Block Story also centers on the tiny block characters you’ve all come to adore from Minecraft. This category of games is a hit. Similar to other block games, Block Story has a role play element in its story line. On first glance, the game seems... more →
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