Download Slugterra Dark Waters for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Slugterra Dark Waters for PC Featured
I always get apprehensive when booting up an already licensed-game, well as titles that have been converted or brought from some other media are often lackluster. Fortunately,Slugterra Dark Waters is one of the best conversions from the other media I have ever soon on android platform. For those who don’t know, Slugterra is a cartoon... more →
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Download Zombie Highway for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Zombie Highway for PC Featured
If you are a fan of survival games and zombie hunting games than Zombie Highway is something you should have. You are given a car on a stranded road and you are asked to kill the zombies that are trying to occupy the very mother nature you relish. Zombies give an impression that they have taken control over the world and there is... more →
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Download G.I Joe Strike for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

G.I Joe Strike for PC Featured
G.I Joe Strike a Free-To-Play Mobile Game (known as a Freemium Game) developed by Hasbro-claimed Backflip Studios. The amusement was initially uncovered at the JoeCon 2015 took after by the Soft Launch on the Android Platform a month later. The diversion was then discharged to the general population on the Android and iOS stages... more →
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Download Redhead Redemption for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Redhead Redemption for PC Featured
Redhead Redemption is an Android game with a very simple idea driving it. The game is about a redhead who comes out of her house and see a bunch of zombies running around town and eating brains. So a little kid does what every little girl is to do in times like this, she takes her little baby brother, and a few weapons which of course... more →
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Download Thumb Arena for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Thumb Arena for PC Featured
Something almost anyone with siblings might have heard and if you have never had siblings, then I am certain that you have played thumb wrestling with at least someone in your entire life. Thumb Arena is a quite similar experience but with an amazing Android experience, or should I say thumberience! Thumb Arena, is basically what... more →
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Download Gods in Arena for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

Gods In Arena for PC Featured
Prepare warriors, furnish them with rigging and thrashing foes as you battle your route through Ancient Rome. Gods in Arena highlights an online tribe framework and an astonishing story line that players can play through. When you first bounce into this game, you will be tossed into an intelligent cut-scene as the back-story of the... more →
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Flappy Crush for PC Windows & MAC

Flappy Crush for PC Featured
Flappy Crush As the most admired and addictive idea of games like flapping a bird and preventing it to get hit by the poles took a great place on android and IOS gaming world. Taking the idea to further more concept, Tarek Mongy launched a brand new version Flappy Crush, with adventurous and evil scenario of the birds that are flown... more →
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Doodle Snake for PC Windows & MAC

Doodle Snake for PC Featured
Doodle Snake Any reasonable person would agree that if some Swedish game developer hadn’t chose to develop Snake on Nokia’s initial cellphones, we may not be in the position that we are today. That straightforward demonstration transformed cellphones into more than just cellphones. It appears to be fitting to say that... more →
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Beat the Boss 3 for PC Windows & MAC

Beat the Boss 3 for PC Featured
Beat the Boss 3 If ever in your life, you ever wished to beat the hell out of your boss, then Beat the Boss 3 is for you. This game holds numerous methods to kill and beat the life out of your cartoonist boss. This cartoon style game starts with the employee getting yelled at and being slapped by his boss, which speaks clearly that... more →
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Amazing Wire for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Wire for PC Featured
Amazing Wire Well after playing Amazing Wire, I want to say that I wonder how the developers took simplistic nature of the game to such a level. Well it doesn’t means its not amazing as its name sounds even though its about a wire and hole. Talking about your main mission, its all about moving the wire , or you might say,... more →
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Amazing Ninja for PC Windows & MAC

Amazing Ninja for PC featured
Amazing Ninja This game, Amazing Ninja, you may say its simple, perhaps that’s makes it both good and bad . Well ninja games are quiet popular as players just have to tap the left side of the screen it will make your tiny ninja jump high and if you tap the right side of the screen it will make your Amazing Ninja swing its... more →
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Crime City for PC Windows & MAC

Crime City for PC Featured
Crime City There is nothing better than getting your hands a little dirty when someone needs a leg breaking. Whoops, was I supposed to say that out loud? Crime City lets players “take care of business” the old fashioned way, one mugging at a time. Players start out as a rising star in the criminal world and complete missions... more →
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1 Dot for PC Windows & MAC

1 Dot for PC Featured Image
1 Dot 1 Dot, we can say is the simplest game ever made, which is very small in size too so that would not be much of a load on PC. 1 Dot as as the name suggests dot, it should be a game involving dots, saving one dot from enemy dots. Its like that kid of game on which we can say they are easy to play, almost any person no matter... more →
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Line Rangers for PC Windows & MAC

Line Rangers for PC Featured
Line Rangers Good news for all the fans of Line Rangers out there, there is a new game that will introduce all your favorite characters from line now in a video game that you can play in your hands and carry around in your pocket with your android smart phone or tablet. Which though technically might be just another bejeweled clone,... more →
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Brave Frontier for PC Windows & MAC

brave frontier Windows & MAC
There’s one thing to be said for the classics, actually, there’s lots to be said for them, or they wouldn’t get to be classics within the first place. Brave Frontier positively has its sights assail giving mobile gamers homesick feelings of the JRPGs of bygone days, with some collectible cards bits. That’s a sound strategy,... more →
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Respawnables for PC Windows & MAC

Respawnables for pc
Zynga’s caught some flak for blatantly repetition alternative games, and its newest , Respawnables, most likely will not do a lot of to vary that. This complimentary to-play third-person shooter seems to require a page or 2 from the likes of field Heroes and Team defensive structure a pair of, with simply reachable controls,... more →
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Pixel Gun 3D for PC Windows & MAC

Pixel Gun 3D for pc
To play a web shooting game, the sole things we’d like is simply a web affiliation and a flash player that is to be put in our browser. Then the globe of fun is going to be opened before USA. We are able to have a good time and hysteria by killing enemy’s victimization weapons like guns and that is what Pixel Gun 3D is all... more →
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Banana Island for PC Windows & MAC

Banana Island for pc
Running games are invariably the favorite ones on smart phones. There are many kind of that very same construct however a number of those games are extremely price giving your attention. Rather like that you simply can relish Banana Island – Monkey Kong Run. This game is fun and pleasurable in each variety of state of affairs.... more →
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Giant Boulder for PC Windows & MAC

Giant Boulder for pc
Between every game, you’re subjected to a embarrassment of screens that may prompt you of your current goals, tell you your high score, raise you to attach to Facebook and check out to win over you to shop for a spin on the bonus wheel for a lot of stuff. As you barrel down the side, you’ll collect coins that may be accustomed... more →
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Bike Race 3D for PC Windows & MAC

Bike Race 3D for pc
It’s out there currently as a free transfer from the App Store and, attributable to its Facebook property, has additionally been bringing to light within the high Gainers charts for Facebook games for the previous few weeks, with 3,100,000 monthly active users to its name. Bike Race 3D is basically a brand new android adaptation... more →
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