MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC Windows & MAC

MARVEL Contest of Champions for PC
MARVEL Contest of Champions holds numerous challenges for the players. Although the game is not new but it is still being played and enjoyed by all the super crazy fans of action games residing around the world. There are many features that have been added new to the game. In Marvel Contest of Champions five new and improved champions... more →
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Dude Perfect 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Dude Perfect 2 for PC
Dude Perfect 2 has a wide range of crazy and exciting levels that keeps the player well entertained and well immersed in the game. The player has to face numerous challenges in Dude Perfect 2 like jumping on trampolines, floating on the parachutes, breaking glass, and blowing up stuff. The game is so good in animation and high definition... more →
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Dead Effect 2 for PC Windows & MAC

Dead Effect 2 gives you creeps on a very serious note. The game has taken the experience to a new level. The players of the game have been highly amused by the intensity of the game. The player needs to learn about the story line of the game in order to give the game a good start. In Dead Effect 2 the player has to train his warriors... more →
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Wipeout 2 for PC Windows 7,8,10,XP & MAC

Wipeout 2 for PC
Wipeout 2 consists of thrill, excitement and many other features that attract the players and crazy gamers towards the game. The game play of Wipeout 2 is really interesting as it holds the huge amount of features that are in the best interest of the player. Wipeout 2 is an award winning mobile game and proves its worth quite right.... more →
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Blade Waltz for PC Windows & MAC

Blade Waltz for PC
Blade Waltz is a simple game and requires the players to be fully involved in the game in order to have a good time in playing it. It is an action role playing game which a combination of beautiful graphics and outstanding animation. Come on and get over the up grading of only a single character at a time. With the super new application... more →
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Survivalcraft for PC Windows & MAC

Survivalcraft for PC
Survivalcraft is an amazing creation of Candy Rufus Games. It is an action oriented game that has been designed for all the action lovers. People who have their deepest interests in action movies will surely fall in love with the game Survivalcraft. The game-play of Survivalcraft is simple to understand. The player of the game is... more →
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Battle Bros – Tower Defense for PC Windows & MAC

Battle Bros - Tower Defense for PC
As evident from the name, game play of Battle Bros consists of battling against the large number of minions in order to defend your tower. The game gives you the option of enjoying multiplayer so you and your friends can have the real feeling of action together. There is a wicked and strong corporation of Evil minions that try to... more →
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Minecraft Story mode for PC Windows & MAC

Minecraft Story Mode for PC
Minecraft: Story Mode is a five episodic series in which the player has to adopt a role of an individual named Jesse and set out on an adventure. The player and his friends will join hands in order to fulfill the order of the legendary stone: Warrior, Griefer, Architect and Redstone Engineer. At reaching the EnderCon the hopes of... more →
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Break the Prison for PC Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP & MAC

Break the Prison for PC
Break the Prison is a game which is very different from the rest of the game in the Google App Store. All the games are to be played with a particular set of rules that are supposed to be followed very strictly whereas in Break the Prison the player has to make sure that he follows no rules. Break the Prison is a game filled with... more →
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Catan for PC Windows 7,8.1,10,XP & MAC

Catan for PC
Catan is a strategy based game that lets you have fun anywhere and at any time of the day. The game involves lots of action and lots of adventure for all those who have dire interest in the particular category. The game Catan is much similar to its original that has long roads and a large, strong and massive army that is totally... more →
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League of Stickman for PC Windows & MAC

League of Stickman for PC
League of Stickman is a fantastic game with awesome battle strategies. Players are definitely going to experience thrilling and sensational features. In this game, deadly combos, levitation and the double-hits are extremely amazing features. Play this game and kill dangerous monsters with your amazing skills and prove your worth.... more →
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Devil Eater for PC Windows & MAC

Devil Eater is an action that has taken away the hearts of majority of the action movies and game lovers. It is the production of LoadComplete team who has managed to provide a remarkable piece of creation. People who have given a try to Devil Eater do not find any other good enough. Some of the users have even described the game... more →
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Hitman Sniper for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP / Mac

Hitman Sniper for PC
Hitman Sniper is another great action hit which has been developed by SQUARE ENIX Ltd. The game is addictive as the people who have had their tries with the game are of the opinion that one just cannot stop playing it. There is a character in the game who is an agent with the name tag Agent 47. The player has to adopt and take on... more →
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The Dark Knight Rises for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

The Dark Knight Rises for PC
The Dark Knight Rises is one of the hits by the team of Gameloft. It is an action war based game that includes the rise of dark knight that fights for right and fights in the modern way of battling and war. The game play of The Dark Knight Rises is simple and easy. The game is basically inspired the trilogy of Batman and an English... more →
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Five Nights at Freddy’s for PC Windows & MAC

Five Nights at Freddy's for PC
Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the famous creations of Scott Cawthon. Freddy Fazbear is one of the major attractions for all the visitors at Freddy’s as he is an interesting character and makes a nice combination with two of his friends. His friends are two robots that are a good source of entertainment for all the people... more →
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Smashy Road Wanted for PC Windows & MAC

Smashy Road Wanted for PC
An  action based game that is really amazing and full of entertainment is now available for all people who love to play car games. “Smashy Road Wanted” takes your driving to new heights. Different amazing vehicles of different styles are available for all players.. You can master different levels and unlock up to 90 vehicles.... more →
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Kill Shot Bravo for PC Windows & MAC

Kill Shot Bravo for PC
Kill Shot Bravo provides you an overjoyed experience of shooting now on your mobile phones and tablet devices. Now it is time to get your weapons out and ready to enjoy the experience of shooting with the five start FPS fix. The player needs to be armed well with the extraordinary and deadly weapons like rifles, snipers, highly advanced... more →
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Six-Guns Gang Showdown for PC Windows & MAC

Six-Guns Gang Showdown PC
Six-Guns Gang Showdown is absolutely fun as it not only provide entertainment rather it helps to brainstorm by taking quick decision to shot the target, by moving fast whilst playing game, different items have been made available for you to enjoy and explore it. This all is so close to you in just so. You can explore this enormous... more →
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Into the Dead for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

Into the Dead PC
This game Into the Dead is designed exactly the way players want to have. Marvelous features add beauty to this game where you can become a hero. You are surely going to love the game. In a world full of dead people who are like monsters, it’s extremely difficult to survive. Thus in order to survive you have to keep eye around... more →
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SWAT 2 for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP or Mac OS X

The most realistic anti terrorist FPS game returns on android just for all focused gamer across the world. Every day in different corner of the world , terrorists organization that are expanding across the globe and really creating chaotic situation that ultimately lead to destruction in world. But a new threat looms on the horizon.... more →
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